Comments - Honda Promises 2013 Civic is Fixed

Published: Dec 30, 2012
Description: By now most everyone knows that the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic was a colossal failure. Not only was its exterior design uninspiring, but its interior materials were subpar, overall fit and finish was...
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Jimmy Case Dec 30, 2012
It's fixed it runs high 16's now. Haha
Description: Honda had no choice but to order an emergency redesign of the Civic for 2013 if it wanted any chance to regain its dignity. The following new commercial for the Civic can be interpreted as being a pub...
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Ted Cyrek Feb 15, 2013
A hatchback for hobbits
Dave Rain Dec 30, 2012
I own 2 si's, and love them both. The 2012 just didn't live up to what the car should be.
RC Laila Dec 30, 2012
How about those people who bought the 2012 model is there any rebate? We are avid followers of Honda who needs also to get their moneys worth.
Dhruv Cb Dec 30, 2012
Oh they also screwed up big so its not a surprise. Drove a 08 Japanese civic which was a class apart
Maaz Khan Dec 30, 2012
Seriously most car companies don't do that. I like what Honda has fine to the new Accord and the new Odyssey
Matt Piccolo Dec 30, 2012
Props to Honda for realizing their mistake and taking immediate action!
Shane Carroll Dec 30, 2012
Eh, rims look kinda cool
Petro Maalouf Dec 30, 2012
We can't see the shape from this angle, but we can see that its ugly as usual
Steven Luginsland Jan 11, 2013
It's too bad, the Kizashi is pretty nice looking...
Timothy Hooker Jan 02, 2013
that leather looks terrible. like an old couch
Luke Walch Dec 31, 2012
It could use a few more led screens. Looks like an Aiwa boom box from the late 80's!
Jimmy Case Dec 30, 2012
@Tyler Hahahaha so true
Austin Sullivan Dec 30, 2012
Let's be honest here, if you can afford the leather in a Civic you should just buy an Accord.
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 30, 2012
I thought roushed leather went out of style in the 80s
Maaz Khan Dec 30, 2012
If I was in the market for a car in this class, then this civic would probly be in the top 3, for the price range ofcourse
Matt Piccolo Dec 30, 2012
@ Maaz, they cut the base model, so no, it won't have the same base price: I think it's up about $1,500
Dhruv Cb Dec 30, 2012
I quite like Hondas interiors
Pablo Herasme Dec 30, 2012
Not bad
Maaz Khan Dec 30, 2012
This actually looks nice, but I think thier lowest starting civic price won't happen for the 2013 civic