Comments - Top 5 LA Auto Show Debuts

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Description: There are times when people wonder why the LA Auto Show has any significance. Opening its doors less than two months after either Frankfurt or Paris and nearly the same amount of time before Detroit i...
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Kwasi Prempeh Dec 04, 2012
@shelby . The defence rests it case.
Shelby Cassandra Dec 03, 2012
It says the Lambo is just an honorable mention.
Kwasi Prempeh Dec 03, 2012
Maybe one Carbuzz might not consider top 5. Sorry just the lawyer in It's a moot point. Let's litigate!lol
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 03, 2012
Wasnt the aventador unveiled in miami?
Jay Kolvenbag Dec 03, 2012
Because fuck logic
Svend Trusso Dec 03, 2012
The article says top five but there is 6 cars????
Description: Porsche Cayman - Imagine the new Boxster with a hardtop and you've got yourself a Cayman. Like its predecessor, the all-new Porsche Cayman is literally identical to its Boxster sibling in every w...
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Tyler Torres Dec 03, 2012
Someone below me is mad.
Carlos Munoz Mardones Dec 03, 2012
it looks like a boxster.....
Raschard Jackson Dec 03, 2012
C'mon. You can easily tell that's a Cayman. 911's don't look like Boxsters.
Austin Bride Dec 03, 2012
Caymine 11
William Downs Dec 03, 2012
Read the article and find out for your self.. not that difficult
Description: Ford Fiesta ST - After being left out for years, American hot hatch enthusiasts will finally be able to get their hands on an affordable and extremely well-engineered vehicle that's not a Mini Co...
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William Downs Dec 04, 2012
Guess ericforgot to read the part that's says " top 5 LA auto show debut"
John M Weishahn Dec 04, 2012
Let's hope Ford doesn't orphan this one after three years like they did to the (rather excellent) Focus SVT. I'd consider one over GTI but am afraid they'll kick it to the curb if it's not profitable right away.
Eric Anthony Dec 04, 2012
Morgan, tha daytona Shelby, rolls, bently gt3 race car etc. Aventadors, gaiiardo, srt viper, Porsches. Ferraris.
Eric Anthony Dec 04, 2012
They had way Better cars than this there
Ed Ashby Dec 03, 2012
Wow a Fiesta. What next? A Micra I hope.
Allen Kim Dec 03, 2012
One of the better Ford designs
Ben Mossing Dec 03, 2012
I'm pretty sure I saw this at the SF show the week of thanksgiving?
Description: Jaguar XFR-S - This super-sedan is here to prove that Jaguar can fully take on the likes of the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. The XFR-S is powered by a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 with 542 horsepowe...
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Richard Nichols Dec 03, 2012
Haha, Britain v the Germans, just like over this fair island in the early 1940s! Bring on the spit... Sorry xf!!
Tomas Arango Ferreira Dec 04, 2012
Autralian ford falcon xr8 looks the same
John M Weishahn Dec 04, 2012
I'd rather the MB or M5 because they've been making them do long that they've got them really dialed in. They're making 100 of these per year for US market? Good luck with parts.
Matthew van der Linde Dec 04, 2012
If you got it in black it wouldnt be
Shaun Conroy Dec 04, 2012
MB and BMW can make ridiculously fast cars that don't scream "look at me". This just looks too showy!
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Dec 03, 2012
I don't know if I like that spoiler or not...
William Downs Dec 03, 2012
Someone needs to take a second look, this isn't a holden
Chris Watson Dec 03, 2012
Best looking Holden at the show!
Lead Peddalin Dec 03, 2012
I like this, but it looks more like a Nissan than a Jag to me. Too ricey.
Erik Rudolph Dec 03, 2012
Love this car
Timothy Hooker Dec 03, 2012
OK I retract my previous rant on how this looks too big...this angle looks amazing. still not a fan of the spoiler though
Shane Carroll Dec 03, 2012
This I would buy
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Idk if i like this or the M5 better...tough choice
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 03, 2012
Theres a video on the top gear site of the sound. To say the least i would buy for the sound of the 5.0 v8
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 03, 2012
I would get this over an E63 or an RS6
Patrick Schalk Dec 03, 2012
Yeah that blue is so awesome
Stephen Cobbs Dec 03, 2012
I like the color. Same color on the XKR-S as well.
Dennis Choong Dec 04, 2012
I doubt buyers in this segment are going to like that wing
Tracy Keiser Dron Dec 03, 2012
Ugly wheels
Lead Peddalin Dec 03, 2012
Connor Scanlon Dec 03, 2012
Love the car. Hate the spoiler
Description: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series - As if the SLS AMG GT weren't good enough, the folks over at AMG felt obliged to one-up themselves in the supercar department once again. The SLS Black Series ...
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Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 06, 2012
But im not sure if they used them in their own cars. This engine is probably the most powerful engine ever IN an AMG vehicle.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 06, 2012
AMG produced the 7.3 V12 for the C12S 7.3.
William Downs Dec 03, 2012
Amg makes all of paganis engine
Alex Sundvall Dec 03, 2012
Didn't amg make the zonda engines that were 7.3 liters?
Tyler Synyster Zdanowicz Dec 06, 2012
SLS AMG black series -is yellow
Allen Kim Dec 04, 2012
The back of this car looks a little short. But it's still incredible.
Tyler Torres Dec 03, 2012
Bumble bee
Chad Schley Dec 04, 2012
Wow Douglas you sure demand a lot fr a free app.
Douglas Goncalves Dec 04, 2012
Thanks CarBuz for recycling the same exact pictures used previously on the SLS Black Edition article. I was hoping to see different angles and possibly a different color of the car.
Description: Fiat Abarth 500C - Picture everything you love about the 500 Abarth hatchback, only with a retractable soft top and you've got the new 500C Abarth. Powered by that wonderful 1.4-liter MultiAir t...
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Sebastian Grey Dec 04, 2012
And it's wasn't an Abarth.
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
But it was the european one, these have been out in Europe for over a year now
Rockesh Boulder Dec 03, 2012
Yes, with Richard Hammond driving
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 03, 2012
Wasnt this in a top gear episode like a year ago?
John M Weishahn Dec 04, 2012
I'm not sure, Tracy. The fact tgat it comes with track time and instruction is really cool.
Tracy Keiser Dron Dec 03, 2012
Small and cheap, that's what they should be an stay... Not add anything which ads to the price
Description: Honorable Mention: Lamborghini Aventador Roadster - The Murcielago Roadster's top was roughly equivalent to an umbrella, and a bad one at that. Fortunately Lamborghini has improved things for the...
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Jack Howard Dec 04, 2012
No they aren't. I was there two days ago. And I did look it up and it said it was shown to a select few in closed doors. Not to the public
Chad Schley Dec 04, 2012
Jack calm down. They are there and will be there until the end of the show. Take a second and google it. Just because you didn't see them in the man halls doesn't mean they were not there. They are in the exotics room. Don't be such an ass.
Jack Howard Dec 04, 2012
The writer says that it was unveiled at the LA Auto Show. He even made a whole false article about it "dropping its top at the LA Auto Show." Lamborghini wasn't even there.
William Downs Dec 03, 2012
Don't u just love the idiots that are quick to talk shit, but to stupid to read the article in the first place
Zach Andres Dec 03, 2012
It says "honorable mention" you stupid ass reader.
Jack Howard Dec 03, 2012
It wasn't even there you stupid ass writer
Allen Kim Dec 03, 2012
My my my!
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 06, 2012
Never been a huge fan of the aventador but this roadster version, makes me want one.