Comments - Porsche Developing Cayman Turbo?

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Description: Porsche has a habit of turbocharging its products. The 911, Panamera and Cayenne are all available in turbocharged form, so why not the Boxster or Cayman? Well, for one thing, turbocharging its entry-...
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Shannon Sims Dec 04, 2012
I'd want one if boosted
Petrolheadsg Smokeybandit Dec 03, 2012
There already are tuning kits that add turbos to the cayman/Boxster ... google it
Roggina Froggina Dec 03, 2012
I wonder how long Porsche will play this game. We all know the cayman has more potential. I want some tuning company to make a viable turbo version of the cayman. It would be intriguing to see what the outcome would be.
Patrick Schalk Dec 03, 2012
This would make me want to buy a Cayman.
Drew Humphrey Dec 03, 2012
Drew Humphrey Dec 03, 2012
I thought that it already did have a turbo Lola.
David Justice Dec 03, 2012
How is Porsche going to keep the Cayman from surpassing the 911? Eventually with it lightweight, superior engine placement, and constant increase in HP it's got to be creeping into 911 performance territory.
Chris Gaines Dec 03, 2012
at first I was excited but not any more.. if they factory turboed the 3.4 then it would be a simple matter for someone to tune the cayman to its true potential!
Dave Larby Dec 03, 2012
Ummm.... The worrying thing is that they might go Eco with one model to go more balls out with another much more expensive one!!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 03, 2012
Its Porsche, they will go down the eco route and the performance one ate the same time. ex. 918 spyder
Dave Larby Dec 03, 2012
The Cayman chassis can easily handle more power, I do hope they go down that route rather than the Eco route!!
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 03, 2012
My guess is 350hp $80k....just under the 911 base price
Tyler Tarbox Dec 03, 2012
Cayman Turbo would be sweet. Only thing is it would probably cost more than a base 911.
Carlton Salmon Dec 03, 2012
Looks soooo much nicer than the outgoing Cayman IMO.
Pablo Herasme Dec 03, 2012
I will get this car
Description: The new 2.5-liter boxer four could help Porsche further reduce its carbon footprint (thereby making room in its range for less environmentally-friendly models) and serve as a new entry-level model for...
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Description: If accurate, the Cayman Turbo could debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next September, with a similarly-equipped Boxster Turbo to follow. If we had to guess, though, we'd suspect that Porsche could...
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Austin Sullivan Dec 03, 2012
This is why I hate Porsche. Just make the car as good as it can be, stop with this holding-back crap
Chad Schley Dec 03, 2012
I'm thinking something like the 4.0 RSR. Only make like 150-250 of them, but give it range topping performance. Not as fast as a 911 turbo but faster than a Carrera S or even a GT3. I don't see how that would hurt anything as long as its very limited
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Well maybe they should up the base carrera a little to leave room for the cayman to upgrade
Mohammed Shamma Dec 03, 2012
I think whoever drove a 911 before will never prefer a cayman on a 911 even if it was a turbo
Richard Nichols Dec 03, 2012
The money for porsche is in the 911. VW have been doing the same for years. The hot polos have never been as good as the GTis, despite it sharing the floor pan with the SEAT ibiza cupra, which is a good little car. like the 911 it's a core product.
Lou Guerrero Dec 03, 2012
@tyler, I opened this article and thought 'goodbye 911' then I saw flat four turbo. I get it. The 911 is THE icon but the cayman needs to spread its wings.
Nick Schnee Dec 03, 2012
I'd hate to see it outsell the 911 though.
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 03, 2012
I can't stand how Porsche holds the cayman back just because of the heritage of the 911
Chad Schley Dec 03, 2012
I think there would be room for a limited run cayman Turbo RS. It would be faster than pretty much the whole lineup but very exclusive.
Darren Nardo Dec 04, 2012
As if it's not potent enough normally aspirated !
Chad Schley Dec 03, 2012
Can't wait to see the new R
Kleymenov Pavel Dec 03, 2012
Maybe I should trade in my 911 and get the new cay and tune it up.
Kyle McCullough Dec 03, 2012
I love these cars, but I firmly believe that they desperately need to redesign these taillights
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
@Lou yeah i never thought of it that way but i see how you could think that
Lou Guerrero Dec 03, 2012
Still think these look like Panamera coupes