Comments - McLaren Wraps Up with "Tooned"

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Description: Remember back in July when McLaren released a video series called "Tooned"? It featured the team's star drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in animated form up to all sorts of hiji...
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German Martinez Dec 04, 2012
My kids love this two! They were amazing :) love it too
Description: Episode 4 is entitled "Beyond the Limit", and sees Jenson and Lewis testing out some ridiculous new additions to their grand prix cars. The McLaren engineers, however, have different ideas a...
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Description: In the fifth episode, "Lift Story", Professor M teaches the drivers a thing or two about the value of engineering. While stuck in an elevator, the engineer regales the young lads with storie...
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Description: "Gone with the Wind" is the sixth installment in the series. The Mayoress of Woking visits the McLaren Technology Centre and turns out to be quite the racing fan herself, prompting Professor...
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Description: Episode 7, "The Rising Son", sends the boys off to the Far East for the Japanese Grand Prix where they utilize a new subterranean testing center that looks straight out of Tron and encounter...
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Description: The eighth episode sends the drivers off on the "Lecture Circuit" while a new up-and-coming hot-shoe visits McLaren for a taste of what's to come.
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Description: In the ninth episode, Jenson and Lewis gear up for the Indian Grand Prix in "Strictly Bollywood" with a little dance routine we frankly could have done without. Just what any of this has to ...
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Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Same here xD
Carlton Salmon Dec 03, 2012
Hahahaha!! Love it!
Description: Mika Hakkinen drops by the MTC for the tenth episode, entitled "Photo Finnish" Perfectly content in retirement, the double champion soon succumbs to a challenge to a little kart race against...
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Eddie Fok Dec 04, 2012
Cool, "P1" go-karts
Description: "Side Tracked" is the penultimate eleventh episode in which Nyck de Vries returns from the McLaren Young Driver Programme. Things quickly get out of hand when young Nyck does what a racing d...
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Description: Finally "A Glitch Too Far" sends Hamilton and Button into the simulator where things go awry again. A system malfunction makes everything go haywire, losing Lewis into cyberspace. In his pla...
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Mhamad Alajmi Dec 09, 2012
Drew Humphrey Dec 03, 2012
That's how the actual F1 cars should look
Matthew Crighton Dec 03, 2012
Lol thats funny
Luke Munchrath Dec 03, 2012
Is it just me... But do 3/4 characters in this series look quite similar to the ones on cloudy with a chance of meatballs?