Comments - GT-R and 911 Play Cat & Mouse at the Ring

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Description: There are no rivalries quite as vicious as the one between the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911. The two are constantly playing a revolving game of one-upmanship with constant revisions and updates, each a...
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Description: In this clip filmed during this year's Nurburgring 24-hour race, watch a 911 GT3 Cup stay glued to the squared-off bumper of the Nismo GT-R for lap after lap, never letting it out of its sights -...
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Guo-Sheng Huang Dec 11, 2012
Are these two drivers equally good, or equally bad? So funny that other cars just kept passing them.
Ray Garcia Dec 04, 2012
Luge, firing past the mecha GT3 Godzilla into the finish line. Bottles pop fans cheer gold trophy raised. Your welcome for saving u 5 minutes cause it prolly took u 10 to read this and comprehend my 10th grade English writing.
Ray Garcia Dec 04, 2012
Godzilla shooting lasers from its eyes, original Godzilla gets badly burned in his eye and stumbles all over the track and crushes the Porsche...once again amazing safety engineering saves the Porsche driver when he ejects out of the care via rocket
Ray Garcia Dec 04, 2012
Thankfully the M3 driver ejects out and safely parachutes down. Meanwhile the GT3 starts throwing banana peels causing the Porsche I miss every opportunity to pass. Then in the instance moment they get to the stretch and the GT3 transforms into mecha
Ray Garcia Dec 04, 2012
For those of you who didn't watch the video in its entirety the real Godzilla stomps through the track, picks up the LFA hurls it at the GT3, the GT3 evades the, Porsche evades hitting a M3. The M3 goes flying into the country side in a major explosi
Alex Medvedev Dec 04, 2012
GT3 is a great driver I would catch up on turns and had lots of chances for a pass but once straight away came GTR was gone just needed little more juice on GT3 great race watched all of it
Darren Nardo Dec 03, 2012
Was that LFA in a diff class, cause it blew right by them and pulled away.
Kyle Malcomson Dec 03, 2012
Poor driver in the gtr watched 2minutes and he missed most of the apex
Lou Guerrero Dec 03, 2012
@lee I just died laughing
Lee Gardner Dec 03, 2012
17 minutes= Ain't nobody got time for dat
Otnay Nat Dec 03, 2012
Aaaand there goes the LF-A....
Kevin Blockley Dec 03, 2012
On the tighter f1 infield section the Porches looks quicker can brake later than GTR , but once they get onto the back, Nordschleife section Gtr looks superior through the fast sweeping turns . It just fast enough to say ahead, driver factor too ,
Victor Pitts Dec 03, 2012
GT3 - clearly a better driver, but that GTR is wicked!!
Timothy Hooker Dec 03, 2012
by cheap I'll assume you mean inexpensive..nothing cheap about this car..decimates all
MissLaura Anne Dec 03, 2012
GTR is best!!
John Hyland Dec 03, 2012
Godzilla FTW