Comments - DeLorean Time Machine Repurposed as NYC Taxi

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Description: This is one of the most brilliant ideas we've seen in a long time. It's incredible that nobody came up with this before, but we're sure glad that someone has now. But let's clarify...
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Andrew Wesley Fisher Dec 04, 2012
Two seated taxi? Ew......
Ryan Rafeyan Dec 04, 2012
So let me get this right that woman got in the taxi?!?! That Taxi driver must have been like HELL YES LOL!
Drew Humphrey Dec 03, 2012
They also haven't made one yet I think. Just says rendering, right? No harm done as of now
Gene Beche Dec 03, 2012
Well you don't have to paint it first, a yellow car wrap will work better and the electric ones use either original parts or parts made from the original molds
Stanzel Washington Dec 03, 2012
Well they began producing new electric ones so just use those. They're not all that collectible.
David Parenti Dec 03, 2012
Took something somewhat collectible to someone, and made it worthless lol
Lou Guerrero Dec 03, 2012
Yeah, that's exactly why no ones ever done this lol
David Parenti Dec 03, 2012
Paint a DeLorean yellow and you've ruined the value completely. One of its main selling points were the stainless steel panels. Way to destroy something mildly collectible.
Drew Humphrey Dec 03, 2012
The resolution of this image hurts my eyes lol.
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Read the article
Jay Jay Alonzo Dec 03, 2012
It's not even real it's a model car And a combination of Photoshop
Jacob Goosey Dec 03, 2012
so stupid an antique that is high in value being wasted on thos cotastrophy i mean seriously why would any one do this
Ben Norton Dec 03, 2012
Horrible idea. One of the most uncomfortable cars I've driven, and you can only have one passenger.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 03, 2012
Loll with this you can get to work before you got into the taxi...:P
Lou Guerrero Dec 03, 2012
One two fith and St. Nick, please
Brandon Willis Oct 04, 2013
If it were real and a hot female passenger got in, the driver could probably score a handjob.
Brennon Aucoin Dec 09, 2012
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Guys read the article!!!
Jay Jay Alonzo Dec 03, 2012
Come on It's Photoshop!!
Stephen Ishard Dec 03, 2012
Worst photoshop ever haha
Brandon Davidson Dec 03, 2012
Definitely photo shopped
Oleg Odessit Dec 05, 2012
No it doesn't
Alex Medvedev Dec 04, 2012
Also means a word in russian
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Read the article
Aaron Crisp Dec 03, 2012
What up NOOKA?
Shaylen Patel Dec 03, 2012
One of the worst photoshops I have ever seen.