Comments - Bugatti Reveals Unique Veyron Grand Sport Venet

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Description: There aren't many cars more exclusive than a Bugatti Veyron, especially the handful of special edition models released each year. The latest is a Grand Sport uniquely painted by French artist Ber...
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Stas Allen Dec 04, 2012
Oh my god just make a new car already!
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Well this is not really a special edition its an art car
Nodnarb Ydil Dec 03, 2012
If Bugatti spent the same amount of money building these one off Veyrons, they could get out a successor already
MissLaura Anne Dec 03, 2012
After going through everything... This car is astounding! The interior design and stitching is so unique! And just wicked! Wow good morning!
Ed Ashby Dec 03, 2012
It's shit. Most of the BMW art cars are more impressive and interesting.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
I mean I love math and physics but I've never considered math equations as art but ya it's something new; I guess you could call it outsider art, the mechanical wonder has been favorably appointed with the very equations of its essence? Works I gues
Rich Hall Dec 03, 2012
Simple but nice. Now that is art.
Cody Gillard Dec 03, 2012
I hate the car but love the paint job anyone else feel as if this paintjob would look good on the new aventador roadster?
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 03, 2012
I love the Veyron, but I don't really like this paint job.
Raschard Jackson Dec 03, 2012
I think Koenigsegg is better anyway..
Pablo Herasme Dec 03, 2012
Im sure Bugatti is working; waiting for the Koenigsegg to show its potential. Then launch a deadly surprise
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Its beautiful
Skyler White Dec 03, 2012
While the Veyron is getting old, their artsy stuff is rather adventurous. I mean imagine how good this would look on a Koenigsegg. Not that bad IMO.
James Salaba Dec 03, 2012
Great performance but not the prettiest supercar
Timothy Hooker Dec 03, 2012
these are starting to get ugly. I used to be a big fan but needs a refresh
Justin Tucker Dec 03, 2012
I mean....I'd rock it
Description: New York-based Venet was commissioned by Bugatti to create something truly special for this week's Art Basel festival in Miami Beach, and the French-born artist was selected because "his app...
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Description: Speaking at the special edition Bugatti's announcement, Venet said: "a Bugatti is already a work of art in itself, one that transports both its beholder and its driver into new dimensions of...
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Austin J. Bower Jan 12, 2013
Guessing the 16 is because of the W16
Ed Ashby Dec 03, 2012
Looks like someone drove into a maths teacher
Car Buzzer Dec 03, 2012
Looks good except for the big 16 #mathscar #veyron
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
Hahaha Big Bang theory!! Sheldon's whip for sure
Cody Gillard Dec 03, 2012
Sheldons ride (once he gets his nobel prize) and gets a drivers license
John Hyland Dec 03, 2012
The answer is 45.9^2
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Im no math nerd but this is still awesome
Skyler White Dec 03, 2012
As a math nerd, this is awesome.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
shit slinging, as useless as both are, I've decided to skip both. They both seem like low minded thinking.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
if their throwing it around, I just don't do so unless its aimed at me. I don't have the time or desire to police people's lives. On that card, if I had an easy time getting a masters in douche'n, why wouldn't I also have a minor in passive
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
I don't go around looking to throw around negatives and bad vibes, when people throw em at me I'm just apathetic and bored to it but that doesn't mean I'll just cower off and shy away from the event. I'm not stressed to tear down someone's ego
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
Dul'e, no worries, didn't grief me the slightest. Byakka, I mean I coulda been more cordial but its not like I was foaming at the mouth with expletives and corrupted logic. I don't know many other ways to assert apathy while standing ground. :-/
Dulē Vuckovic Dec 04, 2012
I was hating earlier but i just got a little high and i dont even know why i said that in the first place but im sure some people feel like that im not gonna come back to this picture again its old news im waiting for that december 4th update
Dulē Vuckovic Dec 04, 2012
Just some smart ass comment everywhere from you
Dulē Vuckovic Dec 04, 2012
Im pretty sure anyone can talk like that in situations where theyd need to you need to just chill out a bit
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 04, 2012
O u got ur teaching degree on douche'n Bet is was an easy master fur ya, lol But really, that way of talking is low minded
Alex Arvanitis Dec 04, 2012
Haha, Dul'e dude you crack me up. I'd take the time to brag and bolster myself after that post but I don't care enough about your opinion to do so. Sorry man, try harder next time because I'd have fun schooling ya if you press my buttons much more.
Dulē Vuckovic Dec 03, 2012
Alex arvanitis i hope you dont talk like that in real life cause you talk like a douche
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
I like te roadster more as a design aesthetic than I do the coupe, this paint job has grown on me a lot, I like it in an avant garde way
Carlton Salmon Dec 03, 2012
I love this version of the Veyron. I'd definitely be happy driving this around.
Cody Gillard Dec 03, 2012
I agree with all of your comments god this makes me want a veyron
Nick Schnee Dec 03, 2012
Goddammit I love this!!
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Its gorgeous!
Ben Wright Dec 03, 2012
Yeah it looks like it's done 100,000 miles stuck behind a gritter
Taylor Garry Dec 03, 2012
Looks...pretty tacky
Philipp Kentner Dec 03, 2012
I like how the rims are different colors
Cody Gillard Dec 03, 2012
Looks like you are going through the halloween version of the matrix
Thibault Leroy Dec 03, 2012
Love the rims
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
The math bomb look is pretty cool, I hope it takes off
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
Good solar eclipse that is.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
I could see this being relatively fast, it's a good theory anyways. Stands to reason. Now if we can get a good eclipse and test the idea
Charlie Bell Dec 03, 2012
No I'm sorry but I wouldn't put this on my car and believe an average person with an average car would not do it either,and the fact is it is in the family of world record speeds it ruins every aspect for me as we don't know about the performance yet
Mike Conrad Dec 03, 2012
Should be relatively fast.
Andrew Hubbard Dec 03, 2012
Albert Einstein's car lmao
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
Math bombing a whip would be sick, sticker bomb is still cool by I hope math bombing takes off
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
This actually wins, I'm a fan
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
The simple elegance and earth tones roll nicely with the tasteful splash of wtf math. It's a schyzo mix that works well.
Charlie Austin Dec 03, 2012
I agree, you want to hate it, but it's actually cool
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
It's strangely good in all the wrong ways. I shouldn't like it but I do haha, I've defied my own design attractions in so doing but oh well, this things pretty sick
Cody Gillard Dec 03, 2012
Dont like brown interiors but this is acceptable
Pompey Paul Dec 24, 2012
Yea but it was harder to make the buggati itself, so why not
Cody Gillard Dec 04, 2012
I dont like how its a sticker though i wish it was sewn in but thats probably really hard to sew that
Kyle Narkiewicz Dec 03, 2012
If Albert Einstein had a car, this would be his.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
Screw sticker bomb, math bomb!!
Ryan Veitch Dec 03, 2012
I want it!!