Comments - '67 Shelby GT500 Up for Auction

Published: Dec 29, 2012
Description: There are still many original Shelby GT500s in existence today, but even in this highly sought-after company, this one is quite special. Set to hit the auction block early next month at the Barrett-Ja...
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Dhruv Cb Dec 30, 2012
Top 5 here
David Justice Dec 29, 2012
Same here!
Brian Johnston Dec 29, 2012
On my top 20 list forsure.
Greg Lewis Dec 29, 2012
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Dec 29, 2012
Had to be jersey
Description: As one can expect, Becker claims the car is one of his most prized possessions and was "one of the first GT500s ever produced by Shelby American." With its fastback body style, Nightmist Blu...
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Greg Lewis Dec 29, 2012
Can you hear that rumble? Close your eyes and try and not to smile
Derrick McCarthy Dec 29, 2012
4 dual barrel carbs... Wow those are super rare!!
Chris McCormick Mar 16, 2013
So why is this one different looking from the "Eleanor" mustang from gone in 60 seconds? They are the same year and same model.. Shouldn't they look the same?
Dhruv Cb Dec 30, 2012
I like the boss 302 and Eleanor more
David Parenti Dec 29, 2012
Back when the side scoops were functional.
Matt Piccolo Dec 29, 2012
Not loving the Lights in the middle of the grill, but other wise this looks pretty sweet
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 29, 2012
First thing i'd do is put 335s at the rear, and then smoke them
Dillon Dixon Dec 29, 2012
1st gen Mustangs are gorgeous. 1st gen Shelby Mustangs out of this world awesome. 65 GT350 is my dream car and this isn't far behind.
Ghaith AL-sharari Dec 29, 2012
Who ever buys it is very lucky
Austin Lerner Dec 29, 2012
No arguments there Mike
Mike Puno Dec 29, 2012
This my friends is a man's car.
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 29, 2012
Chris McCormick Dec 29, 2012
Facundo Planas Martinelli Dec 29, 2012
Damn....a piece of art!!!!!
Victor A. Frederick Jan 02, 2013
That's rust. Damn shame.
Clinton Burger Dec 29, 2012
Looks like leaves
Treston Ott Dec 29, 2012
I really hope that isn't rust