Comments - Famous for Catching Fire: Chevrolet Volt

Published: Dec 28, 2012
Description: Try typing "Chevy Volt" into Google, and chances are that the word "fire" will appear near the top of the suggestions list. How can a car be famous for catching fire when not one h...
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will.trefiak.5 Aug 10, 2013
i do not know why people bash the volt its a decent car
Mark Brooks Dec 29, 2012
wow I think the author just shamed the NLCP away from its google add words paid promotion on its anti-volt spew. But they will be back. The stink created by the well funded “Kill the Volt” naysayers is epic and it needs to be highlighted as a teachable moment.
Liam Day Dec 29, 2012
I tried typing it into google and fire didn't come up
Megan Moody Dec 28, 2012
How dare anyone speak badly of the people's car! Obama has spoken. Bow your heads!
Jimmy Case Dec 28, 2012
I want to know about cars that go up in flames on test drives and on the road! Not ones that catch a spark in a lab when struck at a particular angle and speed on a sunny Thursday but only after the 15th day of the month on a leap year.
Scott Lenahan Dec 28, 2012
Nice recovery jimmy =P
Dylan Bruder Dec 28, 2012
Oh look another american car way to diversify car buzz
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 28, 2012
Okay it's not irony... But it's damn funny
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
Still not irony (see my rant in the Fisker Karma article comments).
Zane Turner Dec 28, 2012
I can see the poor 458 and Gallardo getting on this topic.
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 28, 2012
Catching fire, the volt... Ironic!!! Electric hybrids I tell you
Jimmy Case Dec 28, 2012
But good job smart ass I guess you knew what I was talking about.
Jimmy Case Dec 28, 2012
I understand that I'm Saying they're posting these bs articles instead of articles about cars that actually catch on fire.
Aaron Sparks Dec 28, 2012
Let's all slow clap for Jimmy. Jimmy, I'd like to plant a shocking idea in your head. You ready? READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE COMMENTING. Got it? You might just learn all manner of new things and ::gasp:: the article may even agree with you. Amazing.
Walker Carroll Dec 28, 2012
Did you even read the first paragraph? That's exactly what they said in it
Jimmy Case Dec 28, 2012
This article is BS. It never happened to consumers only in the lab when the car was specially impacted.
Maci Kartchner May 26, 2013
It's an amazing year they've really improved on their cars I'm impressed.
William Downs Dec 30, 2012
Hahahah nice one
Ryan Faber Dec 29, 2012
is it weird that I prefer this chevy over most other chevy models. except for the corvette, camaro, tahoe, avalanche, ss trail blazer, silverado, ss cobalt, ss impala, oh wait.. thats just about all of them.
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 29, 2012
Take the new hybrid nsx
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 29, 2012
I would the new hybrid nsx
Thu-ha Trinh Dec 29, 2012
It's so ugly I decided to lease instead of buying...
Matt Piccolo Dec 28, 2012
The front looks nice... But go look at the rear
Wyatt Gordon Dec 28, 2012
God its ugly
Dylan Bruder Dec 28, 2012
The inside is pretty sweet too
Kyle McCullough Dec 28, 2012
This does look pretty good for an electric. Though I'd never buy one
Brendan Bell Dec 28, 2012
The ampera looks much better
Dave Baragona Dec 28, 2012
@Daniel, I used to own a BMW 3 series. It is amazing how much the Volt resembles my BMW in performance, handling and luxury... The big difference is that I get that similar performance/luxury and still I use ZERO gallons of gas on most days. It is the ultimate "cake eater" vehicle. A diesel BMW is greener than many vehicles, but it can't run on zero gallons of gas on most days...
Plugin Volt Dec 28, 2012
I love the look of it and have a red Volt just like this one. In my first year I drove just over 20,000 miles and used only 4.5 gallons. In addition I only have 139 miles on the engine. Best car I ever owned hands down!
Blaise Harned Dec 28, 2012
Ew it's so gross!!
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 28, 2012
I reckon it looks quite nice, but I'd still go for a BMW 320d if I wanted a green car.
Description: The Volt is really a simple enough concept. It has a battery which allows it to travel 35 miles (slightly less than half that of a Nissan Leaf) on purely electric power, but if you don't manage t...
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Thu-ha Trinh Dec 29, 2012
Depending on TOU, more or less $1. These days I get about 45 miles on a charge.
Jimmy Case Dec 28, 2012
Or just plug it in to the outlet on the side of your neighbors house!
Guo-Sheng Huang Dec 28, 2012
Is the Volt his daily driver car or he has other cars?
Dylan Bruder Dec 28, 2012
Not much the charge rate adds only a few dollars
Aaron Crisp Dec 28, 2012
And how much did his electricity bill go up?
Victor Pitts Dec 28, 2012
No way!!! That's insane!!!
Description: GM decided to go the extended-range route because a pure EV is still, realistically, fairly impractical. GM knew that asking customers to buy a car which couldn't be driven a few counties away an...
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Description: The small number which had been leased were all collected at the end of those leases and crushed, which was entirely GM's prerogative. Some of those who had leased an EV1, including the shrill an...
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Description: The documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" accused GM of all manner distasteful business practices and ignited the fury of paranoid conspiracy theorists everywhere. Current sales figures...
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Bader Al Ajeel Dec 29, 2012
Looks better in black but never liked the car
Dylan Bruder Dec 28, 2012
Really does quite sleek in person
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 28, 2012
Looks good in black
Matt Piccolo Dec 28, 2012
Really? I find the back absolutely revolting! The front looks great IMO though
William Downs Dec 28, 2012
Looks perfectly fine to me, I like the back better then the front
Matt Piccolo Dec 28, 2012
This thing looks great until u get to the back!
Description: EV proponents might have had a monopoly on asshole points when it came to politicizing cars were it not for the 2012 election. GM had been struggling just prior to the Volt's debut and had taken ...
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Jimmy Case Dec 29, 2012
Uh oh someone watched Obama 2016 now he's an expert VVV
Jag Love Dec 29, 2012
Dale, you may be right. However, Obama does believe in Keynesian economics, as proven by his policies. There are many socialist-leanings within his chosen bits of legislation, make no mistake. Regardless, I was hoping for a politics-free article.
Jag Love Dec 29, 2012
Still, "Keynesian socialism" exists, whereas ""Kenyan socialism" does not (unless I've just never heard of that before). I will admit, the intent of the author could be either.
Dale Pedrick Dec 29, 2012
I just think the author was making a joke by poking fun at what conservatives usually say about Obama. Besides the Kenyan thing Obama is also accused of being a socialist (often by people who don't know what socialism is, but that's my opinion
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
@Erich, thanks for agreeing with me. Maybe it was his "auto-correct"! I do think you're being kind in giving the author THAT much credit, but I'll go along with it! ;)
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
@Dave: It does seem that the political arguments follow the Volt and, given the considerable taxpayer expense that goes with each, it's well-deserved. I was just hoping for a departure from that & for the writer to focus on the "catching fire" aspect
Erich Kretz Dec 28, 2012
@Jag Love & Dale P. Let's give the writer more credit than deserved (past experience says) and pretend he meant it as a double entendre. Of course, that being said, I'm sure that Jag is correct.
Dave Baragona Dec 28, 2012
It seems you can't discuss the Volt without political undertones, which is a tragedy... Those with political views about the Volt typically know so very little about the fact that it has 4 tires. :-)
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
Regardless of the author's true meaning, it could have been worded better, either way. I can do without the political undercurrent throughout the piece, personally.
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
Plus, reading between the lines, it seems the author of this piece is more of a liberal, than a conservative. A liberal would never dare make mention of Obama's Kenyan ties.
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
Then why did the writer say "Kenyan socialism-mobiles"? I was actually thinking the same thing you did at first, but I've never heard of "Kenyan socialism".
Dale Pedrick Dec 28, 2012
No, I think he did mean Kenyan, because obama's father was from Kenya and he is often accused of being Kenyan, and not American.
Jag Love Dec 28, 2012
The writer should be a bit more diligent with proofreading. He/she clearly meant "Keynesian", as in British-born socialist economist John Maynard Keynes, not "Kenyan".
Description: He went on to point out that he was a conservative and was appalled to see his fellow conservatives bashing a fine example of American ingenuity. The truth is that the Volt project was set in motion b...
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Description: Attempts by both GM and the NHTSA to replicate the conditions that caused the fire were unsuccessful, and the only Volt to have burned outside of crash testing was one that happened to be in a garage ...
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Marcus Andrew Sensabaugh Dec 29, 2012
Remember that the volt had been Motor Trend car of the year and the European Car of the year.
Description: But the Volt is a fine car and is highly unlikely to catch fire. It's perhaps a bit pricey, but if you want one, you should buy it. And if you don't, then don't, it's just a consum...
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Theo Hubbard Dec 28, 2012
Hahahah I hate both of them!! Whoever wrote this article tore both Rush and Alexandra a new one
Dale Schroeder Dec 31, 2012
I've driven one and they really are nice cars. You just have to get over how quiet they are, that can be a little disorienting at first.
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 28, 2012
Meh. Better than a Prius
Franz Zaugg Dec 30, 2012
I know this one