Comments - Via to Unveil 3 New EVs at Detroit

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: While Fisker and Tesla are close to becoming household names, Via Motors is the third player in the EV market that is slowly gaining recognition for converting traditional gas-guzzlers like full-size ...
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Carl ed Jan 17, 2013
that should say truck
Carl ed Jan 17, 2013
an electric truculent now who would think of that?
Derek Patten Dec 27, 2012
Yeah Utah!
Matt Page Dec 26, 2012
Anyone can be happy with 800hp and 4 wheel drive still
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 26, 2012
Agree with you both, tesla is beating them all because of range and not burning down
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Fisker is only becoming any kind of name because of bieber and the fact that they keep bursting into flames.
Nick Schnee Dec 26, 2012
An 800hp Electric motor?! That must have a torque output of 2000lb-ft... and weight about 3 tons.
Description: Industry veteran Bob Lutz, who joined the company last years as a spokesman, will personally unveil the new vehicles on January 14. Previous efforts suggest they will almost certainly be based on GM p...
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