Comments - RM Auctioning '38 Zephyr Hot Rod

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: Building a hot rod takes a long time. This one, for example, took over 5,000 man-hours of work over the course of a staggering nine and a half years. But if you don't have that kind of time or pa...
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Joshua Lopez Dec 30, 2012
Looks great just the rims I would change
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 26, 2012
Great looking hot rod this needs to be redone for 2013
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 26, 2012
Lincoln Motor Company, please take note, if you want to mount a come-back tour... Make a car that can be desire-able like this... No Fusion/Edge/Expedition/Explorer/Escape re-badging...
Jake Judges Dec 26, 2012
Zephyrs make the coolest hot rods
Description: Starting under the hood, this Zephyr has been fitted with the 405hp 5.7-liter LS6 V8 from a Corvette Z06, mated to a four-speed automatic (also from a Vette) controlled via pushbuttons - sacrilege to ...
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Description: The bodywork is what sets this car apart, though. Rather than the fiberglass bodies fitted to many hot rods, this one is all steel. It's been sprayed in color-shifting holographic paint that chan...
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Boyd Boudreaux Dec 26, 2012
It's a shame with all that time and design effort, they paint it this crazy color and bolt up cheap wheels. Alot of old guys with money do this all the time.
Lou Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
Lou Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
Nice work on the exhaust.
Graham Young Dec 27, 2012
Yea right That LS All day Total bullshit they should've put a coyote motor in it
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 26, 2012
All engine...
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
So damn shiny
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 26, 2012
And you can barely tell it's chevy power yeah rite!!
Kaleb Thorp Dec 26, 2012
Ugh, why even bother putting in a head unit?