Comments - Lincoln Planning Mustang-Based Coupe?

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: Ford's endeavors to breathe some life into the Lincoln Motor Company (as it's now known) has so far amounted chiefly to some marketing exercises, but what Lincoln really needs to succeed is ...
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chubbyman Jan 02, 2013
Lincoln doesn't now it's head from its ass
Shane Carroll Dec 27, 2012
Lincoln needs one in the back of the head out behind the barn
Sam Hansen Dec 27, 2012
Lincoln needs a fast car.
Paul Trahan Dec 27, 2012
Hahaha @Dylan
Dylan Bruder Dec 27, 2012
That's some optimism on your part
Daniel Frisco Dec 26, 2012
Lincoln will succeed and the new MKZ looks nothing like the Ford Fusion . Great job Americas best brand of true Automobiles .
Roman Podrezov Dec 26, 2012
Lincoln should be a different brand, not a rebadged Ford! Just my .02
David Justice Dec 26, 2012
Kill the money sucking brand.
Kiestin Evans Dec 26, 2012
More like new news
David Parenti Dec 26, 2012
Old news.
ejc6 Feb 28, 2013
it's like they said with the cougar elimination the fancyer mustang
Oliver McIntosh Feb 20, 2013
This is a great idea.
Sam Reinsel Dec 30, 2012
Shelby makes performance mustangs, not luxury ones. Don't confuse the two.
Greg Kenerly Dec 27, 2012
Looks like a Lincoln Thunderbird. No way Ford would make a luxury Mustang. That's what the Shelby is for.
Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Tweak a bit and I'd drive it
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
Or no one cars about an over priced ford
Brendan Crawford Dec 27, 2012
Brendan Crawford Dec 27, 2012
All I love about cars is being able to pot them out like no one else can!
Daniel Frisco Dec 27, 2012
This is an old concept from years ago this is not what they will build , you guys know nothing about cars if you did you would remember this concept .
Anthony Josh Robles Dec 27, 2012
Please Dont
Donnie Juan Grider Dec 27, 2012
If this is where the car industry is going back to the 90's. I'll just ride my bike.😉
John M Weishahn Dec 26, 2012
Brendan Crawford Dec 26, 2012
Looks very old
Luke Spence Dec 26, 2012
Front end looks like it came from the 90's. rear end looks great.
David Parenti Dec 26, 2012
And Tim if you knew anything about Lincoln's, you'd know this is an old concept from 2004 called the Mark X. Which is based off of the thunderbird. Look it up.
Salih Tekin Dec 26, 2012
It can be better if ford make it next T-bird ?
Tim Butler Dec 26, 2012
David ur wrong because if u read the article it says its based off the mustang
Jacob Burford Dec 26, 2012
Lets put this in the history books right away please!!!!
Kiestin Evans Dec 26, 2012
I think I will buy it if they follow through with this idiea
Patrick Schalk Dec 26, 2012
I just want them to make a new Conti like the old one with suicide doors. I'd buy one for a daily if it was luxurious and looked good.
Errick Kitchin Dec 26, 2012
It looks like they tried to make it look like a current gen Dodge Challenger, but they made it look ugly as f*ck.
Jack Howard Dec 26, 2012
The LS was nice
David Parenti Dec 26, 2012
This is not the actual car everyone. This is the Lincoln Mark X concept from 2004. Yes it is based off the last generation of thunderbird.
Matt Piccolo Dec 26, 2012
Terrible. I don't think I can recall a Lincoln I've ever liked
Tin Nguyen Dec 26, 2012
Lincoln has never gotten my vote in the design category and from the look of this it never will.
Dave Stewart Dec 26, 2012
Lose the damn grills Lincoln lol
Jimmy Case Dec 26, 2012
At least make it look sporty. Might as well just make a Town Car Coupe.
Description: Ford Inside News is reporting that the rear-drive luxury coupe would likely pack an EcoBoost V6 (rather than a V8), but with a turbocharger or two, that could still motivate a whole lot of leather and...
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Oliver McIntosh Feb 20, 2013
Anton Zhukov Dec 28, 2012
Stop the letter Mumbo jumbo
David Jones-Richerson Dec 27, 2012
"An ecoboost v6, but with a turbo or two"... Wtf do you think an ecoboost is in the first place????
Marco Saldana Dec 26, 2012
Wtf?? I didn't know the navigator was still being produced, I wonder if it'll go to a crossover like the town car did
Description: Tipped to be called MKC or MKD, the crossover is expected to debut in a couple of weeks at the Detroit Auto Show. The coupe, meanwhile, may not be the only thing Lincoln has planned for the Mustang&ap...
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Josh X Williams Dec 27, 2012
Modern-day luxury manufacters need to be more creative with their model names. The luxury audience always finds it easier to remember models with aggressive names, that demand authority.
Brady Jacoby Dec 29, 2012
I do like the exhaust, the back is too flat though.
Jason Levy Dec 27, 2012
Please build this. I could use a laugh when im stuck in traffic jams and see one next to me
Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Megan said it. Like the tbird. But I was a fan of that, so it's ok.
Megan Moody Dec 27, 2012
This reminds me of the old thunderbird. It won't look like this.
Timothy Hooker Dec 26, 2012
I like the lightning in the background. can I drive that?
John M Weishahn Dec 26, 2012
Why does that horizontal crease not exist on the door? Was this photoshopped by a third grader?
Jordan Jackson Dec 26, 2012
I actually kinda like this one
Jimmy Case Dec 26, 2012
It just doesn't look grounded enough to me.
Mohammed Shamma Dec 26, 2012
Actually this particular car in the picture looks kinda a luxurious coupe The rear is better than the front. The interior looks cool. Actually its not bad at all
Austin Sullivan Dec 26, 2012
The lightning in the background makes it fast guys, come on!
David Parenti Dec 26, 2012
It's based off the thunderbird.
Wissam Nasr Dec 26, 2012
Ford Thunderbird déjà vu
Timothy Hooker Dec 28, 2012
that line that dissapears on the doors is funny. probably should run it the length of the car
Dale Schroeder Dec 27, 2012
The flat bumpers just look wrong. Like they had intended to hang chrome bumpers there but changed their minds at the last second.
Nick Schnee Dec 27, 2012
Caddie lights...
Steve Janin Dec 27, 2012
It's looks like a cheaply made Rolls Royce
Oren Blumenstein Dec 27, 2012
those headlights remind me of the cts
Alex Smith Dec 26, 2012
A mustang built for an 80 year old.
Rafael Ridwan Dec 26, 2012
Bugatti rims
David Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
@ryan, about that... I see no RR in there
David Parenti Dec 26, 2012
More like a Mercury Milan
Ryan Rivera Dec 26, 2012
To be honest the front reminds me of a rolls royce
Stray Kots Dec 26, 2012
That is some mean metal
Brady Jacoby Dec 29, 2012
Make it more of an SLS apperance, a really far back cab part.
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Dec 26, 2012
Keep in mind this is '01
David Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
Hahaha, that was pretty funny Kai!
Kai Andrew Carlson Dec 26, 2012
I think I died a little bit inside.
Mati Araujo Dec 26, 2012
The most boring concept ever designed