Comments - Kia Repositioning Itself as a Premium Brand

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia have been on a roll lately. Once the butt of jokes, both are now producing well-built, attractively-priced and nicely-designed cars. Just a decade ago, the very...
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Mike Wisenburg Dec 28, 2012
I have a 2012 optima sx and I love it. The car I traded in was a 05 Benz c230 s/c. The Kia may not be as nice as the Benz it's not too far behide and its alot faster!
Shane Carroll Dec 27, 2012
I've had the misfortune of working on quite a few Kia's, and I have to say the quality just isn't there. Yet, anyway. I understand they're growing, but this seems a tad...optimistic, for this early in the game
James Myron Darnell Crabbe Dec 27, 2012
@Tho Ma... I totally agree with you.
Chris Penza Dec 27, 2012
Hyundai has been impressing me, but kias are just all the same car in a different body style. I find them unoriginal and boring
Daniel Frisco Dec 27, 2012
Yeah right I'm gonna trade my 4 Mercedes for a Kia or a Hyundai that will be the day !
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
Why would they drop KIA when there out selling Hyundai rite now... what they need to do is keep KIA on its current path, and Hyundai needs to be the luxury brand... KIA is already doing fantastic with its racing program... u don't fuck with what's working thas when shit goes wrong
Rob Clark Dec 27, 2012
They can't go upmarket with the Kia name. If I was running things over there I would drop the Kia name, keep Hyundai as direct Toyota, Honda, Nissan competitor, & create a new brand to compete with Lexus, Acura, & Infiniti.
Chris Gaines Dec 27, 2012
they should change the name, styling, and badging. oh and the engines, drive layout, handling, and consumer opinion. apparently... challenge accepted lol
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Dec 27, 2012
They have no originality. Neither design wise nor technology wise. cmd+c ---> cmd+v
Jimmy Williams Dec 27, 2012
It just doesn't make sense; Hyundai has been making the push for luxury brand with the Genesis and Equus, why start over?
Jacob Burford Dec 26, 2012
I know Kia has come a long way on the last couple years, but this is going a little too far!
Stray Kots Dec 26, 2012
\/\/ Agreed, Kias did well in their lower price ranges. They definitely seemed better than the horrific re-badged cars from GM and others. At least they didn't start life as an Indian bicycle with Rubbermaidian re-engineering
Kaigan Viner Dec 26, 2012
I always thought kias were cheaper Hyundais
Chris Friend Dec 26, 2012
Keep Kia combatting lower end cheapo cars, position Hyundai as the middle to compete with higher end Fords and Chevys, and then move the Genesis, K-9, & Equus under their own luxo brand.
Swarun Kulasekaran Dec 26, 2012
I always expected this too happen, Kia and Hyundai shouldn't occupy the same niche. Although I always thought Hyundai would be the premium brand, not Kia
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 26, 2012
The comments truly take me back to ten years ago when I used to work for a Hyundai dealership
Zaire Wilkins Dec 26, 2012
@matt anythinh is possible just like the LS loosing to the hyundai equus
Tho MA Dec 26, 2012
Go ahead make jokes. But remember toyota and nissan 20 years ago? Today we have Lexus and Infiniti. The Lexus Ls, probably one of the best luxury sedan on the road. I know i have one and driven many
Matt Piccolo Dec 26, 2012
Ahahaha Kia a premium brand? I understand they've been improving their products but they'll nvr been a premium brand lmao
Mark Fei Ling Dec 26, 2012
Kill In the action
Stray Kots Dec 26, 2012
I remember the only time I ever heard "Kia", it was followed by "just $5,998." We also had a buy-one-get-one deal while I was unemployed T_T
Constantine Bouris Dec 26, 2012
kia repositioning itself as a premium brand!!
Angelo Baclay Dec 29, 2012
With a euro look with and chinese quality. We present our premium cars.... Lmao
Angelo Baclay Dec 29, 2012
Lololol kia is shit
Justin Stevens Dec 28, 2012
It will never be German no matter how hard you try KIA
Jason Brown Dec 28, 2012
They start almost at 60k without tax and registration fees and full option without tax will cost you over 90k. No one will pick this over the Equus here.
Jason Brown Dec 28, 2012
Greg. Hyundai doesn't have one of these, it is only for Kia. You might have seen photos of them from here in Korea but are same with K9 not KIA badge. They are very expensive here domestically. Most of the K9 you see here are corporate leases.
Josh X Williams Dec 27, 2012
Hell yea! Love the look of these.
Greg Kenerly Dec 27, 2012
I love the news report on Family Guy. "Kia...Too bad it's a Kia". Hyundai has one of these and I've seen it and its really nice but that badge is really important in a luxury vehicle. Hyundai and Kia don't belong at the Country Club.
David Munasinghe Dec 27, 2012
Really . This is how you make a Gran Turismo Omologatoluxury brand. Copy a Quatroporte .lol
Craig Genser Dec 26, 2012
Couldn't agree any more.
Janak Solanki Dec 26, 2012
Get some balls and design something without copying everyone else
Jason Levy Dec 26, 2012
Reminds me of the cars in GTA. You can see what they were designed after
Reese Fenske Dec 26, 2012
when will Kia stop copying other vehicles??
Jacob Burford Dec 26, 2012
It looks like its making a funny face!
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Dec 26, 2012
BMW poser
Aaron Crisp Dec 26, 2012
@Stephen He wasn't very vulgar but man he was sarcastic. Lol
Jommel Marcella Dec 26, 2012
The brother of BMW.
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 26, 2012
@aaron that's good news that guy was all kinds of things I won't post because I don't want to get banned
Matt Piccolo Dec 26, 2012
Not feeling this at all. It looks like a demented fly
Stas Allen Dec 26, 2012
So KIA, we hear you like BMW.
Aaron Crisp Dec 26, 2012
Hey dudes, I think Brandon Slay got banned?
Roman Podrezov Dec 26, 2012
Never thought I would ever hear Hyndai/Kia and Luxury brand in the same sentence. Maybe my grandchildren will think of it that way because they won't know where these cars came from, but in my mind it will always be an economy brand of cars. Well, at least until something REALLY impresses me.
Pablo Herasme Dec 26, 2012
Looks like a fly
Jared Oteri Dec 26, 2012
How dare you say that looks like a BMW! Do you see kidneys! Huh! Do ya! I think not...... Take it back
Julio Zamora Dec 26, 2012
It looks like a BMW
Zaire Wilkins Dec 26, 2012
LED headlights are sexy
Ian Barger Dec 26, 2012
All these stupid south korean brands do is copy luxury brands!! This it totally a BMW
Mike Bakhsheshi Dec 26, 2012
7 series cousin
Carlton Salmon Dec 26, 2012
@ Nicolas. Agreed, those wheels are hideous.
Jordan Jackson Dec 26, 2012
It's got compound eyes!
Dylan Bruder Dec 26, 2012
Looks like a bug
Nicolas Blake Mullen Dec 26, 2012
I'm not feeling the wheels that much either.....
Mark Fei Ling Dec 26, 2012
Change the led to projector, and cut the grill , boo! U got a BMW wannabe!
Sebastian Soroka Dec 26, 2012
Reminds me of a BMW
Anton Zhukov Dec 26, 2012
Ugly car. Ugly name.
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Just don't like the inside of the headlight housing, the rest I like alot
Stanzel Washington Dec 26, 2012
I like that a lot.
Description: Hyoung-Keun Lee has gone on record stating that Kia will become a premium brand by 2017. Which may seem like a stretch when you look at the Forte or Rio, but less when you look at the Quoris/K9. K...
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Jason Brown Dec 28, 2012
I think some people are confusing premium and luxury. They are not the same word. Kia can go premium, doesn't mean they will pass Hyundai's plans to go luxury. Hyundai already has premium models in many areas around the world.
Megan Moody Dec 27, 2012
They have to do this. Only way to make money and keep the company profitable as it & workers get older. Same problem GM and all others have. Need that fat profit margin on premium cars. Chinese cars are coming! Can't be cheap forever.
Matthew van der Linde Dec 27, 2012
This thing will only work if they can produce upscale cars at lowscale prices, i mean once kia start pricing cars in the same league as BMW and benz, nobodys gonna go for the kia are they?
Zaire Wilkins Dec 26, 2012
your right they just (hyundai) just have upscale cars
Matt Piccolo Dec 26, 2012
Neither of them are upscale brand at the moment... I don't get what u guys are arguing about
Zaire Wilkins Dec 26, 2012
@dylan & jesse making an upscale brand is way to late if anything they should have started in the 90's or 80's it would take to much time and money
Jesse Williams Dec 26, 2012
Kia should be like Dodge as Hyundai should be like Chrysler or Kia should be like Toyota as Hyundai should be like Lexus. There's no sense of having 2 upscale brands of the same company.
Dylan Bruder Dec 26, 2012
This is confusing Hyundai is supposed to be the upmarket Kia now Kia goes upmarket too?
Description: Those are both vehicles which share the same basic architecture as the Quoris, and which succeeded in repositioning the brand as a compelling and more attractively-priced alternative to its Japanese o...
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Matt Piccolo Dec 26, 2012
The optima is okay. It's nicer than the sonata but still not class leading in any sence
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Optima isn't going anywhere ... only gonna get better
Janya Pulusu Dec 26, 2012
Wait does that mean no more optima??!
Theo Hubbard Dec 28, 2012
Looks great!!
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
Oh look the bitch is back
Gligor Ovidiu Dec 27, 2012
This is a copy of a 7 series.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 27, 2012
@ walter if you say so
Dale Schroeder Dec 27, 2012
Quoris... what an awful name. Sounds like the medical name for a rash.
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
What ya gonna get when that catches fire? :D
Andres Felipe Terreros Dorado Dec 27, 2012
In Colombia they are selling the quoris! The price is 100,000 bucks, for that price I prefer the fisker karma
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
U all sound like broken fucking records every time an article came up " oh they copyed off of this company" in fact if u wanna get technical every single car on the planet is copying of of ford... ford came up with the model t and everyone copyed the idea
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
Walter go take a look at the k7 which was out before the current gen 5&7 series BMW before u go running your mouth like u know what your talking about... u all need to get over your self's... every car company copys others... there is only so much u can do to be original with 100s of car company's trying to claim the same market
Chris Gaines Dec 27, 2012
haha Walter put you guys in ur places
Walter Alexander Thomas Dec 27, 2012
Actually you are a lie. The five series takes much from the seven series so. Kia obvious took off BMW. It is very smart to look at kia's past design language verses the new. You will be smart enough to not say BMW stole from Kia.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 26, 2012
yea kia actually already made this before the 7 series so some of you may feel stupid ATP
Victor Pitts Dec 26, 2012
I see VW (taillights), Audi (A7 features, like the slantback), BMW (obvious the front grille, wheels) and also some Lincoln (those stupid fender parts)...
Janak Solanki Dec 26, 2012
I don't think so. This is a blatant rip off from BMW.
Timothy Hooker Dec 26, 2012
this argument again? Kia came out with this design first
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Yea to bad KIA had this design on the k7 before the new bmws
Matt Piccolo Dec 26, 2012
Eh BMW u can do better... Oh wait.... It's just a cheap BMW copy from Kia, nvr mind
Sumair Inayat Dec 26, 2012
Looks like a copy of the 7- Series BMW.
Jacob Mullner Dec 26, 2012
I'd definitely drive it, but I agree the wheels need changing
Emmanuel Keepnumotivated Rutledge Dec 26, 2012
I wouldn't mind buying one but those wheels gotta go!
Mark Fei Ling Dec 26, 2012
How they steal the design remind me of apple and sumsang
Matt Sutton Dec 27, 2012
Thank you william. I have no idea what people see in bmw. The styling is ok at best. The interiors lack any excitement. I looked at them and MB for a new car, but just couldnt fathom why one would spend that money on them. I just dont get it.
William Downs Dec 27, 2012
After driving an ass load of BMW for years I really don't know what the appeal is... there not that great looking crept a few models and drive like every other car... and there interior layoutis sooo damn bboring. Could never understand why they cost so much other then the badge
Luke Purdy Dec 26, 2012
Yeah now they are starting to copy other manufacturers designs
Janak Solanki Dec 26, 2012
BMW vs Kia = Real Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia
Theo Hubbard Dec 28, 2012
I love it. The car has road presence
Alberto Massarotto May 03, 2013
Ah the Kia Amanti. I once met a guy that rented one of these. Best thing I can say about it.
Howard Ding Dec 28, 2012
wtf is this! looks like too much alike a bentley flying spur!
Jason Brown Dec 28, 2012
There is actually a special term for those female drivers. "김여사" (kim yo-sa) basically sums up terrible driver who has no concerns for other drivers and traffic laws...
Jason Brown Dec 28, 2012
Remained basically unchanged for at least 20 years. So if you say a Benz knock off from 2000... Research the design of this car and you will see it has been around a while. I personally think the people who drive these in Korea are the worst drivers.
Jason Brown Dec 28, 2012
Oh the Orphius... The much hated car of the young in Korea. Old drivers behind these are much worse than a minivan driver full of screaming babies and children. They are suppose to detach themselves of this car and replace it with the K9.
Shane Carroll Dec 27, 2012
Saw one of these at the gas station, I've never heard an engine make a noise like that. Sounded like a brick in a washing machine.
David Munasinghe Dec 27, 2012
This is a smaller version of a Lincoln town car from 1997- 2001. Or a jag S type ripoff
Zaire Wilkins Dec 27, 2012
wow i didnt even notice those LED's
Craig Genser Dec 26, 2012
Hopefully the car in this picture is in a scrap yard right now along with the driver.
Luke Purdy Dec 26, 2012
Biggest rip off an old Mercedes E class
Adam Mitchel Dec 26, 2012
At least they didn't put the KIA emblem on the grill
Alex Bouckley Dec 26, 2012
Agreed Janak. Or even better, 2 meteors!
Janak Solanki Dec 26, 2012
I would like to see this hit by a meteor.
Janak Solanki Dec 26, 2012
E-Class rip off right down to the mono block wheels.
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
I see it now, but only in the grill, those head lights are straight s type but that grill is merc
Will Ridgway Dec 26, 2012
I love how this car came standard with LED turn signal strips. Haha even some luxury cars today still don't have that. I never really understood how those made their way onto the front fascia...
Chris Andrews Dec 26, 2012
Obviously you haven't seen a e class then william
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Go look at the jaguar s type from 2000 something. Deffinatly don't look like no mercedes I've seen
Ian Barger Dec 26, 2012
Kyle, that i so true,
Shaniqua Latisha Dec 26, 2012
What about Jaguar Kyle?
Kyle McCullough Dec 26, 2012
This is such a blatant rip-off of Mercedes it's pathetic
Brandon Harp Dec 26, 2012
My dad used to have one of these, not as bad on acceleration as you would think, it's faster than his ford five hundred he has now at least
Craig McGlade Dec 27, 2012
Lincoln town car meets e class merc
Chris Gaines Dec 27, 2012
with all the fire we've got
Janak Solanki Dec 26, 2012
Kill it
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 26, 2012
The rear looks like a Lincoln!