Comments - Jay Leno's 1967 Lamborghini Miura

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: Should anyone be surprised that Jay Leno owns a very early production model Lamborghini Miura? Of course not, but at least he takes the time to share the details of the car with all of us. In this lat...
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Description: Even after all of these years, it's still a drop-dead gorgeous design and has dramatically increased in value. But hearing Leno tell the story of the car and his in particular always makes for go...
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Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Not a fan of his late night, but as a car guy, he is a god. I'm sure if he wasn't stupid rich, he'd be able to do the dirty work himself. And he's a challenger guy. Go jay!
Geoff Novak Dec 26, 2012
Yes carbuzz! More denim chin! Lol
Lou Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
His mechanic is one of his best friends. His name is Bernard and races cars too but Jay doesn't do most of the work. Bernard does.
Jacob Burford Dec 26, 2012
He is as big a car fan as it gets! Great car too!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 26, 2012
It's amazing how he knows every little mechanical detail in his cars. He sure works on all of them
Serge Pankratov Dec 27, 2012
Serge Pankratov Dec 27, 2012
It is i know, the one next to it. The red one is qhat i was talking about. I really like the Miura =]
Dwight Isaac Dec 27, 2012
But this is a miura
Serge Pankratov Dec 26, 2012
I wish the Lamborghini Countach looked better. I have always hated it for its styling, although i know its one hell of a car.