Comments - Famous for Catching Fire: Ford Explorer

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: When you think of safety issues with the Ford Explorer, fires might not even be the first thing you think of. On top of this, the Explorer wasn't even the only vehicle to have been equipped with ...
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Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Explorers are known for a lot. They did make 9.3 trillion. Everyone knows someone who had/has one and had some sort of issue. They are the grand caravan of suv's
Ryan Patrick Clauson Dec 27, 2012
If you can get an explorer with a well maintained 4.0, they go pretty far but you must maintain it, if you don't it becomes expensive to keep doing the repairs.
Sam Hansen Dec 27, 2012
I have a friend with a 1991 Explorer that had nearly 600,000 miles on it, and another friend with a 1992 Explorer that had 350,000 miles
Jordan Jackson Dec 26, 2012
*i own
Jordan Jackson Dec 26, 2012
@ Lou: oh don't get me wrong, own an 02 explorer sport with 126k miles on it and I love it, I was just mentioning it cuz I thought it'd be funny, lol
Jt Collier Dec 26, 2012
I have a 97 and it ran like a champ until about a week ago when the air filter decided to suddenly cumbust, strangest thing I've ever seen.
Lou Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
Jordan, my friend calls his 97 the exploder lol his runs like a champ and had been pretty reliable.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Dec 26, 2012
It was known for flipping, not exploding. Firestone developed tires for the explorer as well as GM trucks, only difference was Ford recommended the wrong tire pressure so when the explorer would turn it would blow a tire then flip, not explode...
Jommel Marcella Dec 26, 2012
I wish the new Explorer doesn't catch fire.
Brian Johnston Dec 26, 2012
Always. They even had a recall!! Im not worried with the zl1 and viper destroying cars worth hundreds of thousands more in all different kinds of races.
Dylan Bruder Dec 26, 2012
@ Brian they said two articles ago they weren't going to do that one because they just had an article on it or something but then again they just had one on the fiero too so who knows they're just attacking American cars it seems
Brian Johnston Dec 26, 2012
Ok im betting the next car in this series is the ferrari 458.
Jordan Jackson Dec 26, 2012
Hence the name "Exploder"
Description: The Explorer name was first used in 1968 as a trim package for the F-Series pickup trucks. This lasted until 1986 and was revived in 1991 for a full-on SUV. It replaced the smaller Bronco II, but like...
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Description: As the Explorer evolved apart from the Ranger, considerable weight was added, and the ride height (and therefore center of gravity) was raised. But Ford kept using the same tires as they had used for ...
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Dylan Bruder Dec 26, 2012
I can't remember the exact cause but I remember Firestone reporting there was an issue with the rubber compound on those tires still dumb idea ford
Sam Hansen Dec 27, 2012
I actually really like this... Always have been a bit of a sucker for the Explorers
Description: They would counter-steer to correct the jerk to the wheel from the blowout and end up rolling the vehicle. The fault was eventually found to lay with Firestone, but the name Explorer being connected t...
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Taylor Garry Dec 26, 2012
Yeah the U-haul deal is pretty annoying
Description: With all this fuss over rollovers, it's easy to see how easy it could be to overlook a massive recall over fire risk. The fault in question was the Cruise Control Activation Switch. The part cont...
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Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 26, 2012
If you read the whole article... You would see the next page... First sentence states people died... :-0
Aaron Crisp Dec 26, 2012
That's horrible. I hope Ford paid them for their lost homes! And I hope no one died.
Description: A number of deaths resulted as well, and as the NHTSA's investigation ramped up, a huge number of Ford vehicles ended up requiring a recall. For this reason, it was perhaps unfair to single out t...
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HAY_Rel May 14, 2013
shit I drive in one everyday
Aaron Crisp Dec 26, 2012