Comments - Best Supercar Sounds of the Year

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: Supercar spy Hans van Raaijen, also known as Gumbal, spends his times tracking down and filming some of the fastest, most powerful cars on the planet at special events, track days and racing circuits....
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Description: So get yourself a leftover-turkey sandwich and a glass of grog, and spend the next quarter-hour of your day engrossed in the sounds and sights of some of the most exotic cars on the road. (Oh, and if ...
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Nate Mata Jan 03, 2013
That red cammed corvette was amazing
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 31, 2012
That heffner exhaust Viper GTS sounds absolutely magnificent.
Kyle Kloewer Dec 31, 2012
Lamborghini gallardo spyder lp570-4 performante?
Mike Antill Dec 30, 2012
Awesome! A bunch more AMG's would have made it perfect!
Duncan Ashenhurst Dec 28, 2012
Errr... Was that a Nissan Juke? Is it wrong if I think that had one of the best sounds?
Dakota Howard Dec 28, 2012
Did anyone notice the front brakes on the Ferrari fxx
Wyatt Gordon Dec 27, 2012
Love the Agera R's noise (still dont like the looks, but I can maybe get past that). But still, that 458. Im in love with the 458.
Eric Michalak Dec 27, 2012
Why would you lead with a 360 CS? After that everything else is a let down.
Ben Knorr Dec 27, 2012
Williams, u better look it up on utube, such sweet music... The Agera R is just animalistic.
Sivert Grande Dec 27, 2012
Lol... Just realised this was about supercars. How could I not notice that?
Sivert Grande Dec 27, 2012
17 minutes of car sounds and not a single V12 Aston Martin? What a shame... Astons have the best sounding V12's in the world IMO.
Serge Pankratov Dec 27, 2012
Haha yeah id let my phone keep revving lol On another note, the Agera R, Zonda F and the Aventador sound the best in this vid imo although there were a few V8s that sounded pretty good also The GTR sounds like a vaccum.. And Ferraris sound like bees!
Blake Antil Dec 26, 2012
The problem with these as ringtones is that I have an Aventador accelerating and a Murcielago revving as my ringtone and text message alert. I sometimes don't answer my phone.
Brendan Crawford Dec 26, 2012
Anthony Iron Maiden Lucero Dec 26, 2012
Best 16min of my life
Gligor Ovidiu Dec 26, 2012
I LOVE THE AGERA R!!! And the Maserati and the Corvettes! <3
Tanton Stoneman Dec 26, 2012
Wow, that Testarossa sounded awesome! I need one of those...
Michael Lopez Dec 26, 2012
The 599's just sound so beautiful, I mean they all do but just the 599's are crazy sounding!
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
I can't watch it... every time it loads it says its only 1second long
Daniel Carvalho Dec 26, 2012
The Murciélago sounds A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Blake Antil Dec 26, 2012
Only things to make this better a Ford GT or a Vauxhall vxr8 Bathurst tunnel blasting.
Jimmy Case Dec 26, 2012
I can't stand that high revving sound.
Tho MA Dec 26, 2012
Damn. Those ferraris at full throttle and downshifting sound vicious. Machines going to war
Dillon Dixon Dec 26, 2012
That first Z06 sounded amazing! The best sound I've ever heard was a 427 with open headers. Absolutely amazing!
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Jommel go on youtube.. there are a lot of video of car parades threw tunnels... found one of like 100+ Ferrari driving g threw one
Jon Ashley Dec 26, 2012
the quickest 17 minutes of my life
Jommel Marcella Dec 26, 2012
I want all those cars to make noise inside a tunnel.
Jimmy Case Dec 26, 2012
American motors just have such a better sound. All those euros are so high pitched and drony.
David Guerrero Dec 26, 2012
I did not like a single corvette there. They sounded alright, but look very sloppy, no control.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 27, 2012
Love the Zonda!
Serge Pankratov Dec 27, 2012
Beastly sound!
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 31, 2012
IMO, the best sounding Lambo V12's were the ones in the Miura and the Counthach.
Brandon Harp Dec 29, 2012
That you got in the murcielago
Brandon Harp Dec 29, 2012
@jack, I kinda agree, the 458 does look better than the aventador, but if you watch the BBC top gear, the aventador eats the 458 alive, it's even faster than the veyron SS around the track, when it comes to sound, I personally like the old 6.5 v12
Wyatt Gordon Dec 28, 2012
This is the best supercar in the world today IMO
Mohammed Shamma Dec 27, 2012
Its the cheepest one here but yet makes you feel like a king while driving it:)
Kyle Kloewer Dec 31, 2012
Bugatti sounds like shit
Pablo Herasme Dec 26, 2012
Why put the Bugatti in the choices when all it did was an idle growel
Wyatt Gordon Dec 31, 2012
Jack, what are you talking about? This thing isnt big, it's tiny! I saw one at geneva, its smaller than a Mclaren F1!
Serge Pankratov Dec 27, 2012
Meee four!!
Brendan Crawford Dec 26, 2012
Second that
Jacob Burford Dec 26, 2012
Mati Araujo Dec 26, 2012
Agera R has the best sound!