Comments - BMW M2 Set to Deliver the Goods

Published: Dec 26, 2012
Description: BMW's recently departed 1 Series M Coupe was a phenomenal success for the German automaker. Originally just 2,700 units were planned to be built, but due to a huge demand, BMW decided to increase...
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Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 27, 2012
So the 2 series is the 1 series coupe like the 6 is the 5 series coupe?
Chris Gaines Dec 27, 2012
I like BMW because of their sporting purity. if they go fwd on the 1 series, they lose that and respect
Victor Pitts Dec 26, 2012
Talking about making the 1 serie FWD... :/ based off Mini platform.
Jesse Weis Dec 26, 2012
"Once again?" since when was an M car not RWD?
Brady Jacoby Dec 29, 2012
Love the front bumper.
John Patten Dec 27, 2012
Justin Routh Dec 26, 2012
This car is awesome. M power and small enough to be a track monster
Darryle Moody Dec 26, 2012
Fender flares, oh man!!!!!!!
Edgar Jauregui Dec 26, 2012
One of the best new drivers' car IMO
Carlton Salmon Dec 26, 2012
Agreed but that only adds to their rarity and value. I'd love one of these in black or Valencia Orange.
Marcus Yoong Dec 26, 2012
Always loved these. Sad that they ended production so quickly
Description: Nothing is for certain as to what will be under the new model's hood but according to Car and Driver, that engine could be an upgraded version of BMW's N54 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six....
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Brady Jacoby Dec 29, 2012
It's an M2, not an M6. It's not made for 500hp, it's made for 350. Do you want an M2 with an M5 price tag with 200+ horsepower? They'd be making another M5. Plus 350hp is more than you can handle still.
Chris Gaines Dec 27, 2012
needs more power, only cuz I know they can do it well
Victor Pitts Dec 26, 2012
What will the other two pedals out of the five do?? ;P well, those other card won't compare... The 1 series is by far my favorite BMW of all time.
Jared Oteri Dec 26, 2012
Def snagging one as soon as they drop. My 128 is fun as is I can only imagine how this will be............ And ill take another 3 pedals with that thank you very much!
Description: All told, the M2 could very well be capable of making 180 mph, although BMW will control that speed electronically to 155, and its 0-60 time should come in at around 4.5 seconds. As with all other pro...
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Megan Moody Dec 27, 2012
Slap Toyota paseo or Hyundai scoop on it and be done. It looks that cheap.
Darryle Moody Dec 26, 2012
Fender flares, oh snap!!!!
Victor Pitts Dec 26, 2012
Meh... Needs more fender.