Comments - LiHai Goes Sharpie on a Civic

Published: Dec 25, 2012
Description: LA-based urban apparel and art brand LiHai is the brainchild of SoCal local Darel-C, who recently spent a week turning a white Honda Civic into a rolling work of art. The freehand "sharpie" ...
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Description: If you dig the style, check out the brand's graffiti-inspired line of art and clothing that sport similarly intricate designs.
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Angelo Baclay Dec 29, 2012
That sharpie added 100 hp
Dale Schroeder Dec 27, 2012
I always did like these Sharpie cars, just for the amount of work and detail that goes into them.
Joshua Massingale Dec 26, 2012
You would have to be really board or motivated to do this
Jesse Williams Dec 25, 2012
A tattooed out Civic.
Austin Lark Dec 25, 2012
Haha my sister has a white Honda civic. Guess its time to surprise her and test out my artistic abilities on it.
Jason Levy Dec 25, 2012
At least he didn't ruin an si
Matt Piccolo Dec 25, 2012
@ Tim, shut up!
Tim Puckett Dec 25, 2012
Matt is probably peeing himself of excitement right now
Jared Oteri Dec 25, 2012
Cool art work, still a civic though lol
Kevin Watson Dec 25, 2012
It is nice, ill drive it.