Comments - Famous for Catching Fire: Pontiac Fiero

Published: Dec 25, 2012
Description: We have always sort of held the belief that anyone who didn't have at least a small soft spot for the Fiero must be a cold and heartless person. Sure, it was never as fast as the styling indicate...
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Megan Moody Dec 27, 2012
The Fiero never caught on fire. Not in numbers to make them famous. I owned one and this was the best car to this day I ever owned reliability wise and it was fun to drive AND got 32 mpg. Not bad for a 85, in 2005. Miatas don't do that!
Aj White Dec 26, 2012
@Antonio U do know the CRX came b4 the Fiero right?
António Villas-Boas Dec 26, 2012
Great looking car that opened the way to the Toyota MR2 and Honda CRX.
Donte Perino Dec 25, 2012
I love these!
Justin Johnson Dec 25, 2012
I had one
BurlyDolphin Dec 25, 2012
I dont think people realize how few fieros actually caught on fire.
Bleasdell AutoPhotography Dec 25, 2012
When the fiero first came out, I drove one to an auction. It burned down on the Auction block.
David Parenti Dec 25, 2012
The fiero was known for going so fast that it would break the sound barrier causing it to burst into flames. (Autocorrect suggests "fiery" for fiero, ironic?)
Kyle Cherry Dec 25, 2012
Never had an issue with my fiero. Come to think of it, no one I know ever had an issue
Kai Andrew Carlson Dec 25, 2012
Horrible car. Not even a soft spot for this trash.
Dylan Bruder Dec 25, 2012
This is becoming quite a trash America series
Jared Palmer Dec 25, 2012
Had five Fieros and no fires.
Stephen Ishard Dec 25, 2012
Yes it's here
Andrew Fortner Dec 25, 2012
I loved my fiero. Not really a family car though.
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
Damn this phones auto correct.
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
Oy reason this got famous for catching fire was because gm printed the wrong amount of oil for the engine, so people fallowrx there manual and basically ran there cars way under then intended limit, reason for the fires was the connecting rods would break, puncture the black and get oil all over the hot exhaust...
Thorbjorn Kaerskov Oct 28, 2013
Pontiac FIREio
Howard Ding Dec 28, 2012
this car is just pure rubbish anyway
Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Shelby used the 4.0 v8 from olds. Was part northstar but wasn't called northstar. Great motors but loved leaking oil.
Bill Estep Jr Dec 26, 2012
I've seen Someone put the north star v8 in one of these gotta have some power
Tyler Tarbox Dec 25, 2012
Hey look it's a Ferrari!! Oh wait....
Matt Piccolo Dec 25, 2012
I agree.
David Guerrero Dec 25, 2012
This reminded me of the MR2
Zachary Maurer Dec 26, 2012
Now if you could actually find one in this condition.... Good luck, it's an old Pontiac, people abused those things
Austin Goodman Dec 26, 2012
Looks kinda like a 300zx from this angle
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 26, 2012
Yea to bad it was like the worst car ever made Or it wouldve been awesome, lmao
Scott Westphall Dec 25, 2012
Yeah, thus is actually not a bad looking car. Definitely one of the best looking from the 80s. Too bad they kinda sucked in all other aspects.
Tim Preisinger Dec 25, 2012
Kinda cool
Timothy Hooker Dec 25, 2012
I agree. this is the perfect starter car...sporty but not too fast
Clinton Burger Dec 25, 2012
That aged well?
Ron Vinson Dec 25, 2012
They actually aged extremely well. Much better that the original MR2
Matt Piccolo Dec 25, 2012
I don't mind these. They ain't bad lookin cars
Description: They tried so hard to hold back the tide of the muscle car trend, and some at the company must have been secretly pleased when the energy crisis killed off the muscle car. But by 1979, with said crisi...
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Description: The Fiero was one of only a few postwar two-seat American cars, and still remains as the Big Three's only mass-market mid-engine model. Weirdly, it wasn't actually planned as sports car, exa...
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Drew Humphrey Dec 25, 2012
This is how most look -__-
David Munasinghe Dec 25, 2012
Wow nice specimen . Lol
Lou Guerrero Dec 25, 2012
Lol @ carbuzz.
Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Wait is the '85 high school tassel hanging from the rear view mirror?
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 26, 2012
The it was released this beast packed the Turbo Trans-Am engine, and we all suddenly decided NOT to return the car after the drive...
Zachary Maurer Dec 26, 2012
@jacob, you forgot the body kit adds 75 hp
Matt Sutton Dec 26, 2012
But the sad part is that if someone handed any one of us the keys, asking if we wanted to take it for a ride, we'd all be like; um...yes. Yes i do.
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 26, 2012
well you see the 2 air scoops add about 100 hp each and the rims add 25 hp all together. and the stripes add 200 hp
Austin Goodman Dec 26, 2012
That's what you call domestic rice
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 26, 2012
Ricer!! Lmao
supra_mkiv Dec 25, 2012
overkill lol still kool though
Description: At least, this is how it was pitched to the bean counters, and since it used parts-bin components from GM's dreadful econo-boxes for wheels, suspension and brakes, it wasn't a hugely expensi...
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Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Description: But the Fiero was still a fun car, and was named in Car and Driver's Ten Best for 1984. A V6 was offered starting in 1985, and the Fiero would get noticeably a bit better every year of production...
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Thorbjorn Kaerskov Oct 28, 2013
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 26, 2012
That thing is amazingly clean... I bet this was the interior of the junk yard one we saw a few pics back... But seriously, compared to what was interior wise when it was built... It's certainly NOT terrible...
BJ Flores Dec 26, 2012
Wow! Blast from the past! The door handles reminded me of my 84 Z28!
Zachary Maurer Dec 26, 2012
There are more boxes in here than in a Honda element
Jommel Marcella Dec 26, 2012
80's interiors were always cool.
Robert Young Dec 26, 2012
Simple and dam clean. Yea I never liked 80's interior comparing to what we have now. But I would drive this definitely.
Aislin Cooper Dec 26, 2012
I like these kinds of 80s interiors
Taylor J. Blake Dec 25, 2012
Looks kinda like an 80s Ferrari style interior..
Pablo Herasme Dec 25, 2012
all I see is a circle and a bunch of rectangles.
Aaron Crisp Dec 25, 2012
I like the e-brake's position.
Ron Vinson Dec 25, 2012
Not bad.
Kai Andrew Carlson Dec 25, 2012
Even for the eighths this is pretty terrible and bland.
Dylan Bruder Dec 25, 2012
Gotta remember its the 80s
Matt Piccolo Dec 25, 2012
Pretty bad imo
Matthew van der Linde Dec 25, 2012
Doesnt look so bad
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 26, 2012
@byakka why do you look like someone that belongs In an 80s punk movie? Every time I see your picture I just imagine judge dread kicking you in the face
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
So what's your point?
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 26, 2012
Its a pontiac for starters Thats why, lol
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
Why not? Is the real question
Paul Pickard Dec 25, 2012
There is no limits to what car lovers will put effort into. Still why?
Description: Now add to this the fact that some of the connecting rods being used for the Fiero were found to be defective. An internal memo from Pontiac reveled the problem to be with anywhere from 10 to 40 perce...
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Description: However, it was almost exclusively the 2.5-liter and the 1984 model which caught fire. By mid-1987, the 1984 Fieros were catching fire at a rate of about 20 per month. Those 260 cars which burned made...
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Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Think the point is if GM continued the car it would of been a budget car compared to the vette. Replace the Cruz with it?
Megan Moody Dec 27, 2012
Look up the iron duke 4 pot Fiero that smoked Porsches back then. GM almost built it, but was worried it was too fast they were going to require a driving school. The Fiero had HUGE potential.
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 26, 2012
@zach he learned that from need for speed. American cars are heavy and have good acceleration. Tuners have good handling ad exotics have high top speed. Then people carry those stereo types over into the real world and make themselves look stupid
Zachary Maurer Dec 26, 2012
Nic, I don't like a lot of vettes, but even ik that vettes are incredibly light and fast on the track, where did u learn they are so heavy?
Jon Ashley Dec 26, 2012
revival? I know its a long shot, but I think it would attract more customers than that code 130R.
Quinn Carter Dec 26, 2012
Magnetorheological suspension. If you're going to prove someone wrong at least call it by its proper name.
Ross Vermillion Dec 26, 2012
Nic is an idiot
Matty Michaels Dec 26, 2012
@Jimmy, I believe it was Ferrari.
Jimmy Case Dec 26, 2012
Actually I'm not sure if it was Porsche. I'll have to look it up. Magnetic ride control that is.
Jimmy Case Dec 26, 2012
@Nic you have to be joking me. You must know NOTHING about the Corvette. Do know the vehicles it has beat around the track? It weighs almost nothing! Wow how ignorant. GM used to lease it's suspension to Porsche.
Jared Oaks Dec 25, 2012
The ZR1 weighs 3300 lbs with a blown V8. The GT-R is 3800 lbs
Nicolas Blake Mullen Dec 25, 2012
Jimmy, you don't classify the camaro with the 370z and BRZ and frs. And the zr1 is a straight line car, as is any heavy American muscle car.
Jomicah Berry Dec 25, 2012
I think it should read 260 is .07% of all Fieros, still a high number for a failure like this but not as bad.
Jimmy Case Dec 25, 2012
Why do we need that we have a Camaro to slaughter that and a ZR1 to clean up the super at scraps.
Aaron Crisp Dec 25, 2012
Can you imagine if GM had a mid engine sports coupe to compete with the BRZ, 370z, etc? Would be great if it had kept going. Closest thing to it would be the Solstice I guess.
Lane Heinz Dec 25, 2012
Yeah dude exactly
John M Weishahn Dec 25, 2012
It is a shame. The moment they got the car right they killed it. Just like the Merkur XR4ti, the Mercury Cougar, and the Ford Focus SVT. American car companies are too quick to orphan cars.
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 26, 2012
hood scoops together add 50 hp, air scoops 200hp, rims add 25hp.
Drew Humphrey Dec 25, 2012
Tastefully riced up
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 26, 2012
Looks like a C4!
supra_mkiv Dec 25, 2012
reminds me of the esprit this looks clean
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 25, 2012
vette kit?
David Munasinghe Dec 25, 2012
This looks nice