Comments - '66 Citroen DS21 Cabrio up for Auction

Published: Dec 25, 2012
Description: Lauded as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, the original Citroen DS remains a collector's item, but none is as highly sought-after as the convertible. Citroen initially declined to make a...
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Chris Gaines Dec 26, 2012
how the hell is this lauded for anything other than being quirky in its ugliness?
Logan LeMonnier Dec 25, 2012
The Citroen ds is one of my fav classic cars ever and I didn't even know it came in a cabriolet
Kyle Sxfxhgbdsfhbgds Dec 25, 2012
What is wrong with you...
John M Weishahn Dec 25, 2012
Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. Also ugly.
Description: One of 136 made, this DS21 cabriolet was delivered in forest green over black to a wealthy owner residing on a yacht at Antibes in the South of France. It was then sold in 1990 to a Swiss collector, w...
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Simon Trépanier Dec 26, 2012
The automatic tranny is in fact a semi automatic one with 4 speed... You've got this wrong car buzz :-).
Simon Trépanier Dec 26, 2012
Little car? The DS is a very long car, 189 inches long (15,7'').
Ron Vinson Dec 25, 2012
Love it.
Jeremiah Goins Dec 25, 2012
Love it.
Lou Guerrero Dec 25, 2012
Interesting little cars.
Sam Hansen Dec 26, 2012
These r super low with the air suspension down haha
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Dec 25, 2012
I love this car
John M Weishahn Dec 25, 2012
Any dog with its tail between its legs.
Drew Humphrey Dec 25, 2012
Me too lol
Nathanael Channels Dec 25, 2012
It reminds me if a dachshund haha
Ron Vinson Dec 25, 2012
Always loved the break pedal!
Jommel Marcella Dec 25, 2012
That is a weird steering wheel.
Hans Clement Dec 25, 2012
My uncle has one of these, but hard top, and every time I look inside I'm always amused by the steering wheel