Comments - 2 McLaren MP4-12C GT3s for Sale

Published: Dec 25, 2012
Description: What could possibly be better than a McLaren 12C? Well, a McLaren P1, for starters, but how about a racing version of the 12C? McLaren has only made 25 examples of the MP4-12C GT3, and plans to build ...
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Jason Turner Dec 26, 2012
Hybrid Supercars are the future. The instantaneous power and UNBELIEVABLE torque is going to take these cars to the next level. I hate hybrids as much as the next guy, but I think people need to look at it as a new era of car, not the end as many do.
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
That's your opinion, have read nothing saying the Ferrari was a more fun drive.. only that they are cars for completely different people, and that's your opinion I find the Ferrari funny looking, McLaren is just a tastefully beautiful car, with a great engine and and phenomenal handling
Wyatt Gordon Dec 25, 2012
Or a Ferrari 458, thats much better than this boring thing, in both fun and looks
Richard Nichols Dec 25, 2012
Nice little track toy.......
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
P1 is gonna vomit on the 12c... it may be hybrid but its not a normal hybrid. its a normal internal combustion engine with an kinetic energy recovery system to boost performance... same thing as in F1.. its only a hybrid because it uses 2 different propulsion technology's for performance
Brian Johnston Dec 25, 2012
Ill buy it
Richard Nichols Dec 25, 2012
Best thing to come out of Great Britain this year, well apart form the p1 of course!
Scott Westphall Dec 25, 2012
Sinister look. The hunkered down stance and wing make a beautiful car all that much more gorgeous, but with a dark side. Love this car.
Zeus Mocha Dec 25, 2012
By the way this is steak sauce
Zeus Mocha Dec 25, 2012
Sorry Carlton, if you look hard enough theres a lump of coal on your driveway. Hahaha Jk
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Dec 25, 2012
I checked my driveway...... :-(
omarSV Dec 25, 2012
Mind Blowing!
JB Kolod Dec 25, 2012
Check your driveway
Tyler Tarbox Dec 25, 2012
Morning. Haha that's a pretty good autocorrect
Tyler Tarbox Dec 25, 2012
Well now I'm sad that this wasn't under my tree this Mormon
Description: Not that they need to be: the GT3 model packs a 608-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, with a more aggressive aero package, rolling stock, brakes and more, all optimized for the track. One was built ...
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Serge Pankratov Dec 25, 2012
Someone wanna spot me $400k? I swear ill pay it back to u after winning a few competitons lol
Edgar Jauregui Dec 25, 2012
True, I'm glad it's not terribly overpriced... I still can't afford it FML xD
Zeus Mocha Dec 25, 2012
Yea same here I. I was think closer to a million $
Michael Davidson Dec 25, 2012
Still a little bit over my budget though haha.
Michael Davidson Dec 25, 2012
Wow, that's actually a lot less than I thought it would be.
John Maffeo Dec 25, 2012
I agree! Street model looks weak to this
Zeus Mocha Dec 25, 2012
Yea me too
omarSV Dec 25, 2012
this thing looks insane, I wish the road 12C looked as good as this!
supra_mkiv Dec 25, 2012
omarSV Dec 25, 2012
Jason Levy Dec 25, 2012
Nice eyes
Jason Levy Dec 25, 2012
I love that blue strip on the wheel. Looks great
Jake Dula Aug 23, 2013
Loving the blue... Just wish it didn't hav "Gemballa" plastered all over it. I hate Gemballa lol
Tracy Keiser Dron Dec 25, 2012
Almost as cool as an airplane cockpit
Stas Allen Dec 25, 2012
You should see the steering wheels on F1 cars if you want complexity.
omarSV Dec 25, 2012
More buttons on the steering wheel than a x-box controller lol