Comments - RM has a Ferrari Enzo for Auction

Published: Dec 24, 2012
Description: Ferraris are exemplary performance machines, but at the very top of the Maranello echelon sits an even rarer bread of Prancing Horse supercars. That started with the 288 GTO, leading to the famous F40...
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Lamborghini Diablo Apr 13, 2013
I bid �2�5m
Matthew Mckernan Dec 24, 2012
The 250 GTO is not part of this series of cars that ferrari calls their "special limited series." Just look on Ferrari's website, they describe the 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo, and the F150 as part of this series. The 250 GTO is a different type of car.
Drew Humphrey Dec 24, 2012
Hah bread
Dylan Gomes Dec 24, 2012
what about the 250 GTO?
Will Will Dec 24, 2012
Oleg Odessit Dec 27, 2012
Gordon, learn to spell
Wyatt Gordon Dec 25, 2012
John, youre ugly
John M Weishahn Dec 25, 2012
Still as ugly as the day it was built. High performance yes, but not fast enough to outrun its own ugly.
Pratik Parija Dec 25, 2012
Aww not red. Lol
Tj Marten Dec 24, 2012
Best looking Ferrari
Description: Though the vast majority of the 400 Enzos made were painted red, of course, they did come in other colors. This one, for example, is one of just six cars painted in silver (Argento Nurburgring, accord...
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William Downs Dec 26, 2012
Why because I like a real performing car and not an over priced status symbol
Brian Johnston Dec 26, 2012
William your mother dropped you on your head a few to many times.
William Downs Dec 26, 2012
That so called piece of crap wips the track with almost every Ferrari, u act like no one comes on corvette articles doing the same shit, shut up And get over it... bitching about it isn't gonna make it stop
Sam Hansen Dec 26, 2012
Does a post exist in which some moron actually doesn't compare the featured car to a piece-of-crap Corvette??
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
Believe it or not it happened, enzo is 7:25 and the z06 did it in 7:22.. the z06 and Zr1 were built to beat the track... and there official recorded times
António Villas-Boas Dec 25, 2012
@William I just don't believe a Z06 can be faster than an Enzo, the power to weight on an Enzo is just much much better and the Enzo was built as a no compromise sports car. It makes no sense.
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
@ Antonio... don't get but hurt, enzo just isn't as good around a track as the z06... there are a lot of cars the vette is faster then around a track, just cause its a Ferrari and is expensive doesn't make it fast... and its not like only one person trued, just 7:25 was the best anyone could get an enzo around the ring
António Villas-Boas Dec 25, 2012
There is no way a stock Z06 can beat an Enzo anywhere unless the Chevy is driven by a race driver and the Enzo by a grandmother!!!
Cory Poteet Dec 24, 2012
There's one of these where I live... It looks amazing and sounds even better. Only seen it once, and I kinda felt sorry for it. A 200mph car stuck on an island with one main road and a 50 mph speed limit
Justin Chavez Dec 24, 2012
@dan they were talking about the argento one..obviously not the only enzo in the us
Ben Knorr Dec 24, 2012
It's true, until the 430 came along they have almost always under performed, more of a status symbol than a performance machine. At least nowadays they offer performance along with their ability to spontaneously combust.
Darryle Moody Dec 24, 2012
A Chevy has no place in this post. Really, a Corvette? Enzo, Chevy, if you say those two together it sounds all kinds of wrong. Anyway, love the silver.
Dan Anton Dec 24, 2012
Also this isn't the only one in the US. James Glickenhouse has one (not including the P4/5 and I saw one in ATL last week lol
Dillon Magee Dec 24, 2012
Plus the Enzo came out about 10 years ago
Curtis Dougan Dec 24, 2012
And it's also not a sweet Ferrari, I see corvettes everyday but I havnt seen an Enzo
Description: This particular example was delivered via Ferrari of Orange County, California, to one of the dealership's owners, who later sold it to another collector. It has just over 9,000 miles on the odom...
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Ryan Veitch Dec 24, 2012
I don't see how this could possibly be worth more than the Eisenhower car!! Maybe it's just my dislike for Ferraris!!
Taylor Addison Dec 24, 2012
So timeless. I'd still live the Mclaren f1 :)
Ryan Faber Dec 24, 2012
timeless styling
Thibault Leroy Dec 24, 2012
Well the F430 looks like this
Thibault Leroy Dec 24, 2012
From the tailights down and exept for the rear diffuser this looksexactly like an F430
Ryan Faber Dec 24, 2012
I love it. it looks like it would take up two lanes of traffic
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Dec 24, 2012
I actually prefer this in silver, might be just because every other one is like red but awsome looking in silver!
Ghaith AL-sharari Dec 24, 2012
Looks really good in silver