Comments - Motor Trend Drives the 2013 SRT Viper

Published: Dec 24, 2012
Description: We were blown away when SRT unveiled the all-new Viper last March in New York. It looks absolutely stunning and nearly every part of it, inside and out, has been drastically improved over its predeces...
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Description: So how does it drive? MT's Carlos Lago steps in behind the wheel at Laguna Seca to find out. See what he finds in the video below, and check out the photos by William Walker, courtesy of Motor Tr...
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Wyatt Gordon Dec 25, 2012
The car with the V10 sounds and looks better
Lorenzo Martin Dec 25, 2012
13 Shelby= base prize $55,000 662hp 630tq supercharged 5.8 liter v8 13 viper= base prize $97,000 640hp 600tq with a 8.4 liter v10 VOTE Which sounds better? A supercharged v8 or a naturally aspirated v10
Lorenzo Martin Dec 25, 2012
And for the people that don't know what a terminator is then don't even bother writing back or commenting because you don't know shit about cars
Lorenzo Martin Dec 25, 2012
For you people thinking that I care about gas mileage or whatever I don't I have a terminator cobra as my weekend car and I have to fill her up every weekend 50 bucks that's just for 3 days I could imagine an 8.4 liter v10
Lou Guerrero Dec 25, 2012
times with the ZL1 so basically even until halfway through the straight. The Viper is 3 whole seconds faster with the same driver and will probably be consistent lap after lap. There's your difference in engineering and price.
Lou Guerrero Dec 25, 2012
Just watched the GT500 vs ZL1 then the Viper. The GT500 was "a 1 trick pony" regarding the power especially after the brakes take poop despite being lighter than the consistent lapping ZL1. The GT500 did lap the fastest time but only after swapping
Antonio Falsetti Dec 25, 2012
Love this car. Such a manly and rugged car.
William Downs Dec 25, 2012
Jake he didn't mean all the time, just down low, witch the viper v10 does sound really bad when your in low rpm, anywhere below 4000 and it gets an annoying drone... after that its that magic noise people love
Mike Puno Dec 25, 2012
Why do you guys argue about which car you're NEVER going to have in your lifetime?
Jimmy Case Dec 25, 2012
Good luck getting a 2013 gt500 for under 60k
Jake Trumbull Dec 25, 2012
@Lorenzo. You are an idiot. Nuff said. As to the video, I turned it off when he said the exhaust note is the worst 640 hp sound he's ever heard.
Trent Fiala Dec 24, 2012
I'm pretty sure that if you can afford this car gas prices aren't a problem for you at all so who cares about the gas mileage lol Think about it, all these people who buy these expensive cars I guarantee they don't care how much gas is or how bad the gas mileage is lol
Michael J Solimene Dec 24, 2012
The base model is 97gz
Lou Guerrero Dec 24, 2012
Get a Prius if your concerned about gas stations.
Lou Guerrero Dec 24, 2012
What does an exaggerated v10 mean or imply? Not powerful enough?
Travis Green Dec 24, 2012
60k+ (Shelby) vs 140k+ ( Viper)
Travis Green Dec 24, 2012
What have u been smoking? 40k more, not. It's more around 80k more. Educate yourself.
Clay Williams Dec 24, 2012
Please educate yourself.
Clay Williams Dec 24, 2012
@Lorenzo to start off the viper is only 40,000 more expensive, and the viper only makes 10 less HP and the exact same torque. The Shelby also has a worse top speed a worse 0-60. The viper also has far superior handling abilities.
Danny Gonzalez Dec 24, 2012
I want this car! It looks amazing and sounds powerful! Ahh when it roars it sounds marvelous!
Lorenzo Martin Dec 24, 2012
I'd prefer the 2013 Shelby more hp more torque and from a supercharged 5.8 liter not an exaggerated 8.4 v10 that you'll have to be visiting the gas station every 2 days. Oh and 80,000 thousand dollars less yes 80
Mike Puno Dec 24, 2012
Carlos is a fair editor IMO. His MT Ignition episodes are very enjoyable to watch. But in any case, I love this car even more!
Derek Soanes Dec 24, 2012
The paint scheme is beautiful
Brian Johnston Dec 24, 2012
Yes it is!
Mati Araujo Dec 24, 2012
Such a beautiful car
Ben Knorr Dec 27, 2012
and his name was Brian Johnston apparently lol. easy Brian, just my opinion.
Brian Johnston Dec 26, 2012
Thats ok this world needs people like you. Otherwise we wouldn't have darwin awards or people to work at mcdonalds.
Ben Knorr Dec 26, 2012
that to me looks like a 3 yr old designed it. just a mess!
Jacob Burford Dec 24, 2012
Love the Viper! I'll take mine in dark grey with white stripes!
Sergio Cornejo Dec 24, 2012
IMO, this car is perfect... the only thing missing is me in the driver's seat
Dillon Magee Dec 24, 2012
I don't think they're the best, but not too bad. Maybe a simpler 5 spoke?
Jacob Mullner Dec 24, 2012
I don't like the wheels. The ALMS vipers have them and now some of the other cars are using them, including the new 458 LMs
Sam McCracken Jan 11, 2013
Lou Guerrero Dec 24, 2012
Bond tag.
Jacob Burford Dec 24, 2012
I see a bit of granturismo, but not the same!
Clay Williams Dec 24, 2012
The lights on the Maserati are much larger spanning two panels.
Colby Church Dec 24, 2012
Not at all...