Comments - Lexus Dealer Buys IS F Racecars

Published: Dec 24, 2012
Description: Typically dealers help customers choose which cars to buy, but in this case it went the other way around for a Lexus dealership in Brisbane, Australia. Atfer taking an LFA buyer to the Nurburgring, sa...
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Colby Church Dec 25, 2012
Definitely not an AE86 over a Carrera GT. ha
Taylor Garry Dec 25, 2012
Yes, everyone thinks turd. Hes not calling you guys turds chill out
Stephen Wood Dec 24, 2012
I would take a gt-r or Audi r8 over the LFA or the carrera gt
William Downs Dec 24, 2012
Idk about that.. an LFA yes I would have that over any Porsche, but all those others over a carrerra GT.. I don't think so
Ian Barger Dec 24, 2012
David, then your the idiot.
David Guerrero Dec 24, 2012
No, Ian is an idiot, I'd rather have an ISF, LFA, MKIV supra, or AE86 over that Porsche on his profile pucture.
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 24, 2012
I'm not going to lie... I hate to admit it... But everytime I see TRD... I think abbreviated TURD as well... However I don't think the ISF is a bad car... So there... I agree and disagree with both of you! ;-)
Ian Barger Dec 24, 2012
Yeah but its close.
William Downs Dec 24, 2012
Cause TRD doesn't spell turd dumb ass
Ian Barger Dec 24, 2012
William downs, how do i not know how to spell? If that is what you think then it seems like you have downs.
Tin Nguyen Dec 24, 2012
Tin Nguyen Dec 24, 2012
I personally would buy an Is-F as my first choice but that doesn't mean it sucks.
Tho MA Dec 24, 2012
@ian barger U r retard
William Downs Dec 24, 2012
Only to u people that don't know how to spell, and hate on a company cause they build what sells
Ian Barger Dec 24, 2012
Why would toyota call their racing development thing TRD? Dont they realize they are calling their cars turds? But their cars do suck so i doesnt matter.
Brandon Bairian Dec 27, 2012
Justin Johnson Dec 25, 2012
Ugly looks like a half assed kit cat
Chase Huddles Dec 25, 2012
Not bad Lexus, not bad
Jacob Mullner Dec 24, 2012
Holy fender flairs!
Description: They've also got Motec engine management, ZF Sachs dampers, H&R springs and AP racing clutches. So why did Lexus of Brisbane buy them? For promotional purposes, it seems. The dealer plans to ...
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Justin Johnson Dec 25, 2012
Colby Church Dec 25, 2012
Wheels look too small. Most racecars have bigger wheels.
Brad Henson Dec 24, 2012
They kinda look like V8 Supercars anyway
Frederick Perez Dec 24, 2012
Are the wheels small or the fenders are big?
Justin Johnson Dec 25, 2012
What a look failure
Walker Carroll Dec 24, 2012
It's the Stig?