Comments - Famous for Catching Fire: Chevrolet Vega

Published: Dec 24, 2012
Description: Before we start into the Vega, we just want to say that we didn't intend for this series to be a list of only American cars. The Mini and the Ferrari 458 Italia have also had quite a bit of fire prob...
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Harrison Trapnell Dec 24, 2012
Wait... so you make a series about cars being famous for catching fire, but don't show any pictures of them on fire?
Adam Wieland Dec 24, 2012
Nevermind thinking of the corvair
Adam Wieland Dec 24, 2012
If I'm not mistaking, the Vega was covered in the turbo pioneers so why is carbuzz repeating it but not the 458?
Logan Delony Dec 24, 2012
@ethan, it was actually in this section yesterday. Lol
Will Will Dec 24, 2012
Add the fisker karma.
Ethan Amo Dec 24, 2012
I swear, you're gonna find the ford pinto on this list soon
Alberto Massarotto Apr 17, 2013
Fantastic looking cars.
Wayne Joseph Borean Dec 25, 2012
Talking about Fireballs on the road, how about the Oldsmobile Tornado? My buddy was driving his 1973 to work one morning, when he noticed that the road was lit up under the car (he was stopped at the time). Scared the living day lights out of him, and he was a licensed Class A Auto mechanic, who took superb care of his vehicles (he is still driving the 1976 Chev pickup he bought to replace his To...
Description: The Chevy Vega was a car which began development in 1968 as a way to compete with imported subcompacts. Unlike its competitors at Ford and Chrysler, Chevrolet decided not to look to its European divis...
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Description: Total sales from 1971 to 1977 would come to just under 2 million. The Vega used a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with an aluminum block and cast-iron cylinder head. It was an advanced (for the day) si...
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Greg Lewis Dec 27, 2012
Jimmy Bartolotta Dec 24, 2012
My neighbor dropped a 350 small block in his vega over the summer. It actually fits nicely.
Ricardo TheMonster Taveras Dec 24, 2012
Oooooo chit
Description: So GM decided to abandon the project, but the fact that it was even considered at all shows how committed GM was to the idea of the Vega being more technologically advanced than the competition. To go...
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Stephen Ishard Dec 24, 2012
Stephen Ishard Dec 24, 2012
Silver Chevrolet in the background dumbass
David Lee Dec 24, 2012
@Miguel It's a Vega, dumbass.
Miguel Jimenez Dec 24, 2012
Dat Chevelle .
Tim Preisinger Dec 24, 2012
Bad ass
Dylan Bruder Dec 24, 2012
Massive supercharger
David Parenti Dec 24, 2012
It's light.... How big can we go (motor)?
Mike Carbaugh Dec 24, 2012
That does look like a good economy car
Description: But the ambitious Vega project was actually overseen by a relatively small number of executives at Chevrolet, that is until production began and it became clear the car was a hit. GM's higher-ups then...
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Anthony Miller Dec 24, 2012
Funny thing is its not even a vega. Its a Pontiac astre
Jacob Mullner Dec 24, 2012
Didn't think to move the shopping cart from the background before taking a picture showing off the car?
Description: This had been okay at first, since the plant had a larger than average workforce, but GM laid off 800 workers without cutting production by the end of the first year of production. Relations between l...
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Tyler Tarbox Dec 24, 2012
Love those wheels
Austin Whitener Dec 24, 2012
Looks like a cut um 70's comaro
Lee Gardner Dec 24, 2012
Front looks gran torino
Description: The Vega had some reliability issues built right into it. Sabotage can't make a car rust more quickly, for instance. But sabotage was one of those issues which led to the Vega actually catching on fir...
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Megan Moody Dec 25, 2012
So once again we can blame unions? Figures.
Lou Guerrero Dec 24, 2012
Sketchy, sketchy.
Description: This was September of 1972, and the car had been built during the height of the Lordstown unrest. But the car was so completely destroyed that it was never conclusively proven whether the fire was cau...
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Description: And it probably would have been even worse, if not for the fact that the spotlight shifted to Ford's appalling business practices in connection to the Pinto in 1977. The Vega and the Pinto both were r...
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