Comments - Eisenhower Presidential Limousine up for Auction

Published: Dec 24, 2012
Description: People collect all sorts of things. Some collect classic cars, while others collect presidential memorabilia. But when RM Auctions opens its event on January 18 at the Arizona Biltmore, the two will c...
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Tho MA Dec 24, 2012
Pimp mobile
Douglas Goncalves Dec 24, 2012
It was the envy of it's time. Back in the 50's so was America, the envy of the world.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 24, 2012
Description: It rolled off the line at the Fleetwood assembly plant in 1955 as an eight-passenger Imperial sedan, and was subsequently modified for state duty. In addition to the power brakes, tinted glass, rear c...
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Jag Love Dec 24, 2012
@Edgar, the "Imperial sedan" designation used here, refers to the fact that it was a limousine, which was referred to by Caddy as an "Imperial sedan". It has nothing to do with the Chrysler Imperial or Imperial marques.
Edgar Degas Dec 24, 2012
There's one fantastic beast.. Rather cheap price) not sure why Imperial is mentioned as it is a Caddy?
Description: The government rejected a request placed by GM to display the car at the Washington Auto Show in 1958, but it was later sold to French collector Olivier Delafon, who later sold it to its current Europ...
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Craig Genser Dec 26, 2012
Hopefully it makes its way back to the states
Jason Brown Dec 25, 2012
I also thought it would get more. A beautiful car with a great history attached to it.
Anton Zhukov Dec 24, 2012
@david. Are you saying only sports cars are collectible? A modern mustang GT will beat %99 of cars made prior to 1990. Anyone that buys a classic car isn't after top of the line performance. PS my dream car, 59 eldorado barritz, goes for $250k
David Parenti Dec 24, 2012
Would you pay that much for a caddy tied to a previous president? Most people wouldn't. They'd spend that money on a faster car. While it should probably be worth more. It's all about the market. Who wants to own it.
Lucas Hill Dec 24, 2012
Me too
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 24, 2012
I expected more!
Logan Delony Dec 24, 2012
Looks that there's a dent and some rust at the edges to me.
Dylan Bruder Dec 24, 2012
Is it just me or does that door seem damaged?
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 24, 2012
Such a gorgeous car!
Samuel TheGentleman Harris II Dec 29, 2012
This car is a POS
Caner Ozdemir Dec 25, 2012
For 100k+ I expected the car to be in.... Better condition :/
Drew Humphrey Dec 24, 2012
That's basically a couch haha
Tim Preisinger Dec 24, 2012
I'm sure it is more comfortable lol
Dale Schroeder Dec 24, 2012
Sure looks more comfortable than the cloth covered slabs that pass as rear seats in most modern cars.