Comments - Bentley Continental GTC Speed Drops its Top

Published: Dec 24, 2012
Description: When Bentley re-introduced the Continental in 2003, it set off a tidal wave of models to follow. After the GT coupe came the GTC convertible and the Flying Spur sedan, which were in turn supplemented ...
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Max Dell Dec 24, 2012
It comes in pearl gay red!
Wyatt Gordon Dec 25, 2012
What an awful color
Jacob Burford Dec 24, 2012
Nice, but if I were getting a continental, it would have to be the V8 purely for the sound! Sounds brutal in a good way!
Chris Andrews Dec 24, 2012
I Agree dimitry the older one looked better
Dillon Magee Dec 24, 2012
Ehhh, I think I'd want a grey or blue, but this is ok i guess
Mohammed Shamma Dec 24, 2012
Beautiful. Sexy color.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 24, 2012
Am I the only one who prefers the previous one?
Killian Wright Dec 24, 2012
Wow this looks great!!
Jacob Lerklint Dec 24, 2012
Great color
Description: The Continental GT Speed is already out, but now the first batch of images showing the GTC Speed performance convertible have surfaced thanks to the leak-meisters at upcomingvehiclesx. No details were...
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Dylan Bruder Dec 24, 2012
Around 5k I believe off the top of my head
Chris Huff Dec 24, 2012
Imagine how heavy this thing must be
Saqar Khudairy Dec 26, 2012
Alright Christopher. Now I just want you to hand a check with 300k and the car is yours
Drew Humphrey Dec 24, 2012
Christopher McSween Dec 24, 2012
I'll take this in a high graphite gun metal grey w/ baseball brick leather interior.
Darryle Moody Dec 24, 2012
The contrast stitching is an $1,875 option. Looks great against the Beluga leather interior.
Jake Judges Dec 24, 2012
The Bugatti has a great interior what's wrong with this resembling it
Mohammed Shamma Dec 24, 2012
Honestly i dont see any bugatti in this interior. I see some jaguar XK IMO