Comments - Toyota Teases Furia Concept

Published: Dec 23, 2012
Description: Toyota has been trying so hard lately to be cool. Although this may sound difficult at first, the Japanese automaker has in the past few years launched models such as the Lexus LFA and the GT-86/F...
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Brandon Bairian Dec 27, 2012
Too bad subaru built the cool toyota and the lfa is built on a carbon monocoque w a v10 both that will never remotely come close to a civilian toyota.
Ryan William Sprenkle Dec 24, 2012
I'm calling it right now that Toyota will be the dominant force in just about every category in 5-10 years. They're cheap and reliable and they've been stepping up their game lately. Are they my favorite cars? No. Would I recommend them? Absolutely.
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 24, 2012
Weird ull never buy one but ull read an article about one Toyota 1 You 0
Victor Pitts Dec 24, 2012
That first sentence said the gist of it.
Ian Barger Dec 23, 2012
Toyota will never be cool and i would NEVER buy one.
Description: Called the Furia, could it preview the next-generation Toyota Corolla? All fire flames and rock music aside, we'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out.
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Rashid AlGhafli Dec 26, 2012
Mazda's supercar is Furai
Shanay Patel Dec 25, 2012
That door handle is SO nice
Ryan Sansossio Dec 23, 2012
Furia? Isnt that what the mazda supercar is called? Or is that furai
Elijah Chet Roseberry Dec 23, 2012
All I see is a ultra cool razor blade...I don't even know if it is a car
David Guerrero Dec 23, 2012
Watch it be a new XR-S corolla. But better. 2.4l supercharged 4 pot with 275 hp AWD. Or, pray to god, a turbo straight 6... Supra
Jason Johnson Dec 23, 2012
Watch it be a hybrid.
William Downs Dec 23, 2012
OK Toyota u have my attention again, LFA, gt86, and if this has some good performance could be a just what Toyota needs to change its image from dull Eco box back to a Japanese performer
Quinn Beaupré Dec 23, 2012
Tail lights look actually pretty cool.
Curtis Dougan Dec 23, 2012
The side profile at the end looks like a corolla to me
Jerrod Swenson Dec 23, 2012
Is that air bubbles in the amber lens?
Dylan Gregori Page Dec 23, 2012