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Published: Dec 22, 2012
Description: Ever since Chris Harris left Evo magazine, swapping his written skills in favor of producing videos on behalf of Drive, we have been inundated with high quality productions of the man aka Monkey getti...
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Carlton Salmon Dec 23, 2012
Totally agree with you, Jacob.
Jacob Lerklint Dec 23, 2012
Chris harris is one of the best motorjournalists, love him
Walker Carroll Dec 23, 2012
Why can't you watch both topgear and Chris Harris? They're both awesome
Michael Henderson Dec 23, 2012
I'd rather Harris had his own show on tv, reviewing multiple cars and showing us what car adventures he goes on. I'd prefer that to top gear.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 22, 2012
Every week I look forward to chris Harris on cars! Great videos
Janak Solanki Dec 22, 2012
Chris Harris has a true passion for those cars and he conveys it in his videos. That's what makes him worth watching.
Aislin Cooper Dec 22, 2012
Chris Harris is awesome
Dylan Gomes Dec 22, 2012
i would rather watch Top Gear
Description: When Harris reviewed the 2012 SL63 AMG, he sensibly decided St. Tropez would be the ideal testing ground and that the performance pack model, which boasts 564hp and a ludicrous 663lb-ft of torque, wou...
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Tifa Morsi Dec 24, 2012
I wish it looked a little bit better Too , disappointing.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 22, 2012
ttv8>6.2 na. Leaps and bounds
Description: Here, Harris drives the new Morgan Plus 8 from his home in Wales to the Geneva Motor Show where it was officially unveiled. That's a 12-hour drive in a seriously cramped cabin through the pouring...
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Alex Arvanitis Dec 22, 2012
The gentry's suicidal machete. Kill people and yourself in gentlemanly fashion.
Description: Harris was one of the first automotive journalists to get his hands on the Pagani Huayra. It's unlikely those that can afford to buy this car will attempt to drift it around a narrow Mountain pa...
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Darryle Moody Dec 22, 2012
Excellent show there. Well done.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 22, 2012
tt supercars ftw. A masterpiece
Description: Pirelli invited Harris to a tire launch in northern Italy, so he could test out their new historic rally car tires. They brought along a Lancia Delta S4, 037, and Stratos as well as two legendary rall...
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David Guerrero Dec 22, 2012
That Subaru gave me chills
Janak Solanki Dec 22, 2012
7:23 is my favorite part of the video. He just guns it!
Description: Harris simply loves his 1986 E28 M5 Sedan. At launch in 1984, claimed performance was 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and 0-100mph in 14.5 seconds, which at the time was matched only by a Porsche Carrera. A co...
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Jacob Lerklint Dec 23, 2012
My dad used to own one, i just wish i drive it
Darryle Moody Dec 22, 2012
The E28 was legend. Great car.
Janak Solanki Dec 22, 2012
I love this vid. I have a black 05 330i with some miles on it, but honestly it drives better than so many new cars today. This vid reminds me of how I feel for my car.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 22, 2012
Not a top 5 imo
3stings Jan 06, 2013
This is my favorite car from design to performance to exclusivity...AWESOME
Carlton Salmon Dec 23, 2012
The sexiest rear end of any hypercar IMO.
Jason Brown Dec 23, 2012
Amazing car, but the side
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 23, 2012
I prefer the Zonda.
Jason Johnson Dec 23, 2012
Agreed. Best car in the world right now.
Dillon Magee Dec 22, 2012
The exhaust placement is awesome.
Darryle Moody Dec 22, 2012
Good lawd!
Janak Solanki Dec 22, 2012
Alex Arvanitis Dec 22, 2012
Epic win
Curtis Dougan Dec 22, 2012
My favorite car in the world
Mohammed Shamma Dec 22, 2012
My godd!! Thats the sweetest ass in the world. Also love the design of the mirrors.