Comments - Nissan Announces Tokyo Auto Salon Lineup

Published: Dec 22, 2012
Description: While the cars and concepts unveiled in Detroit will rightly hog most of the headlines in January, on the other side of the world the Tokyo Auto Salon, long seen as Asia's answer to SEMA, will be...
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Matt Piccolo Dec 22, 2012
Looks sweet!
Drew Humphrey Dec 22, 2012
I do to. Love driving it.
Kyle McCullough Dec 22, 2012
I have this in forza 4. Absolute beast
Jommel Marcella Dec 22, 2012
That looks awesome.
Description: From the Note Rider city car through commercial vans to sports cars such as the GT-R and 370Z, the lineup will also include the iconic DeltaWing, which will make its Japanese debut at the event. Two J...
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John Atnip Dec 22, 2012
@Lou, you would think that, but remember the Juke R. Ridiculous, but people wanted it. I find the NISMO Leaf hilarious. Eco-Fail.
Lou Guerrero Dec 22, 2012
Ain't no body got time for a NISMO Juke.
Description: Hot hatch enthusiasts will have to contend themselves with a customized hot hatch Nissan is dubbing the Note Personalization Concept. Nissan will also present its Motul Autech GT-R race car from Japa...
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John Hyland Dec 22, 2012
@Curtis, Austin and William: agreed
Austin Whitener Dec 22, 2012
@ Brandon thanks for being an original jackass
Curtis Dougan Dec 22, 2012
It really does look like a batmobile, no need to be an ass about it
John Hyland Dec 22, 2012
@Brandon: I don't think it looks like the Batmobile because its black. I think it looks like the Batmobile because it looks like the Batmobile.
William Downs Dec 22, 2012
And there he goes being the biggest ass hole on here again
Greg Kenerly Dec 22, 2012
Whoa Brandon. Hate crimes at Xmas? This isn't a black Corolla. This IS Batmobile worthy. Holiday spirit bro....
John Hyland Dec 22, 2012
Brandon Bairian Dec 27, 2012
I will dream about u
Gurjit Singh Dec 23, 2012
bader is plain blind
Tn Ng Dec 23, 2012
How does that look like an R8?
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 22, 2012
@aislin i know its gt3 but it looks like audi r8 lms
Aislin Cooper Dec 22, 2012
Read the article
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 22, 2012
Gtr lms?
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 22, 2012
My favorite
David Guerrero Dec 22, 2012
Vvv hahaha, yea it looks like it
Devin Babyn Dec 22, 2012
For a second I thought it said ricer on the hood
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 23, 2012
This is just disgusting!
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 22, 2012
Dude if it does not have stripes it will be so much ugly and i like cars like z and brz
Tim Puckett Dec 22, 2012
@brandon no he's not retarded for having his own taste but for having shitty taste
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 22, 2012
@tim i dont like the car but with the blue stripes on it looks better
Tim Puckett Dec 22, 2012
@bader that's because you're retarded :P
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 22, 2012
Actually i liked this