Comments - Carlex Pimps 1 Series in Red & Black

Published: Dec 22, 2012
Description: While there haven't been too many complaints about the 1 Series Hatchback's styling, its decidedly dull interior left buyers a little underwhelmed. That's where Carlex Design comes in....
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Gazel Hebbert Dec 22, 2012
Add my complaint to that small list of the exterior styling. Downright fugly
Chris Martinez Dec 22, 2012
Pimp my ride!
David Guerrero Dec 22, 2012
Pimp My Ride!
Thomas Lepage Dec 22, 2012
I think without red on the wheel he dash would look too bland.. I think trim around the buttons or something would be better though
Gazel Hebbert Dec 22, 2012
Should've left the steering wheel alone but overall it's not overdone.
Petre Draghici Dec 22, 2012
Too much red for my taste.
Curtis Dougan Dec 22, 2012
Such a boring interior, even the red cant make it exciting
Matt Piccolo Dec 22, 2012
I don't mind it. I normally love red and black interiors, this is okay. Would b better if the seats were leather
Shelby Cassandra Dec 22, 2012
That is horrible.
Adam Mitchel Dec 22, 2012
Canyon carving.