Comments - Prowler Finally Given its Due Credit

Published: Dec 21, 2012
Description: Although the Plymouth (later Chrysler) Prowler was never the performance car many fans would have liked, it nonetheless left a lasting impression regarding advanced lightweight technologies for the au...
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Adam Zarytsky Dec 22, 2012
Still doesn't answer why cars like the challenger are boats
Dale Schroeder Dec 21, 2012
@Isaac: Because they carry several hundred pounds worth of luxury options and lawyerproof safety systems that a barebones sports car wouldn't have.
Isaac Suarez Dec 21, 2012
I liked it, but why are their sedans PIG FAT if they learned so much?
Brian Johnston Dec 21, 2012
I kinda liked them. But they are way to slow.
Stray Kots Dec 22, 2012
The bumpers are a drag (pun intended), but I like the splitter a lot(train puns Aho!)
Timothy Hooker Dec 22, 2012
y'all are cra. ..these things are hideous. I love seeing all the 40 yo midlife crisis guys pulling into whataburger in these things...
Trey Byrum Dec 21, 2012
Prowler had many industry leading parts at the time from Hid projector headlights use of aluminum f-1 style suspension and more check out For more
Aaron Crisp Dec 21, 2012
Performance is good and I've never said this, but I feel like these things are also about how it sounds. V6 doesn't cut it, needs a Hemi that's straight piped with open headers!!!! That's a real rat rod.
Clay Williams Dec 21, 2012
If dropping the bumpers makes it illegal then they should sell it in Mexico then we can smuggle them over ourselves.
Patrick Schalk Dec 21, 2012
I saw make it a hardtop, add a Hemi, and a 6spd MT.
David Justice Dec 21, 2012
@Logan I'm all for a revival. Basically just needs a proper transmission and engine. Doesn't necessarily need Corvette/Gt500 performance numbers because it's all about style.
Zach Gathercole Dec 21, 2012
Who cares about pedestrians
Brian Johnston Dec 21, 2012
If you dumped the bumpers it would be illegal to drive on the road. Hence why they have them. They are "pedestrian" friendly. Same reason cars/trucks don't have steel bumper anymore.
Clay Williams Dec 21, 2012
Dump the bumpers add a HEMi and it will be perfect.
Logan Corbin Dec 21, 2012
I think it time to revive the prowler, this time as the performance machine it was meant to be!
Description: According to Prowler engineer Saad Abouzahr, "there were very few applications for aluminum [at the time]. We decided the Prowler was an opportunity for us to actually develop some of this techno...
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Erich Kretz Dec 29, 2012
@Jason: it was poorly worded. I have seen larger machined automotive parts myself, chassis included.
Stray Kots Dec 22, 2012
Yeah, the Land Rover Defender had an all aluminum chassis, but that was definitely NOT machined in one piece O.O . This is a unibody, anyway
Jason Brown Dec 21, 2012
Why is that hard to believe?
Erich Kretz Dec 21, 2012
"Largest automotive machined part in history?" I call shenanigans. Maybe largest machined 'aluminum production passenger car' part.
Dylan Gomes Dec 21, 2012
wow who knew :P
David Gomez Dec 21, 2012
I think you have your numbers backwards Wyatt, Needs 300 more lbft of torque THEN 250 more hp.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 21, 2012
Needs another 300+ HP and maybe another 250 lb-ft of torque
Judah Lindvall Dec 21, 2012
I think I could drive one of these
Stephen Ishard Dec 21, 2012
I hate centered gauge clusters they just look so bad
Clay Williams Dec 21, 2012
Not bad for 97
Trey Byrum Dec 21, 2012
Hemi in a prowler got one did you see the previous car buzz article? Or check us out at
Victor Pitts Dec 21, 2012
Stop it.
Aaron Crisp Dec 21, 2012
Ultimate road trip vehicle with your woman! Just needs a Hemi.
Jake Trumbull Dec 21, 2012
Haha that's funny
Edmond Gebara Dec 21, 2012
Hahaha agreed. Pop that little thing and you probably got prowler luggage too, lol.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 21, 2012
*your sorry
Wyatt Gordon Dec 21, 2012
Yo Dawg, we heard you like Prowlers, so we put a Prowler on the back of you're Prowler