Comments - Nissan Launching 370Z Spec Racing Series

Published: Dec 21, 2012
Description: Spec racing series have grown quite popular, with everyone from Lamborghini to Opel hosting their own. Now Nissan is joining in with a racing version of the Nismo 370Z pictured here. Called the Nissan...
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Roger Cheng Dec 23, 2012
I just order one from them
Petro Maalouf Dec 22, 2012
No i don't hate it i think it's ugly and i never think of buying one , because my freinds had so many problems with this kind of cars
William Downs Dec 22, 2012
@Ryan... stole the words out of my mouth
Ryan Cardone Dec 21, 2012
@petro Maybe your friends should learn how to drive a stick then.
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 21, 2012
@petro why you hate the z?
Petro Maalouf Dec 21, 2012
Not only ugly 3 of my freinds have 370's they are changing gear boxes parts as much as refilling the tank .... Hehehe
Petro Maalouf Dec 21, 2012
Ugly as usual
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 21, 2012
I meen one of my favorite cars
Bader Al Ajeel Dec 21, 2012
Sweet one my favorite cars
Description: That vehicle packs the same 3.7-liter V6 as the roadgoing model, but tuned to Nismo spec at 350 horsepower and bolstered by competition-grade rolling stock, brakes, suspension and more. Although the N...
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Victor Pitts Dec 21, 2012
I'm perfectly content using my LS 240sx for a track car at a 15th of the cost... Thanks.
Nodnarb Ydil Dec 21, 2012
Yeah. Over $100,000 for some competition upgrades is steep. I'm sure there are some amateur/semi-pro racers that can get more for less
Lou Guerrero Dec 21, 2012
Pretty steep even considering its a racer.
Jared Oteri Dec 21, 2012
Mmmmmm te37's
Bala Uncc Dec 21, 2012
Looks odd with only one exhaust
Bala Uncc Dec 21, 2012
Oh my god someone broke into my car