Comments - BMW i3 Coming into Focus

Published: Dec 21, 2012
Description: With the BMW i3 penciled in for production next year and a near-production model residing at BMW's London Park Lane showroom, it appears the automaker is prepared to let its prototype out with le...
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Carl ed Jan 17, 2013
@Dylan g I totally agree
Dylan Gregori Page Dec 23, 2012
Does anyone else just not care about camo spy shots
Greg Kenerly Dec 22, 2012
Nice Dylan. That's exactly what I was thinking.
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 21, 2012
Nasty. And not in the good way.
Dylan Bruder Dec 21, 2012
The Ultimate Driving Machine-something tells me this won't follow that line
JB Kolod Dec 21, 2012
I'm upset they ditched those led headlamps from the concept for these, those looked pretty cool.
Description: BMW claim that the i3 will go from standstill to 40 mph in 4.0 seconds and onto 62 mph in 8 seconds. A six-hour charge will be enough for a 140-mile range. The i3 will join the i8 sportscar in a new l...
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Megan Moody Dec 21, 2012
Why they think we want electric cars is beyond me. I want to be able to DRIVE. I'm not a slave. I am allowed to travel freely Mr. NWO.
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 21, 2012
The ENGINE is optional. I weep for the future.
JB Kolod Dec 21, 2012
@david the car will be available with an optional 600cc range extender
David Jefferis Dec 21, 2012
Range looks to be an issue, making this very much a second car for local use. It'll be interesting to see it in action and tested though.
Mohammed Shamma Dec 21, 2012
I think its kinda cool to charge up your car every night before going to bed. We now have to worry about our iphone's battery as well as our car's too. Would love to try that someday. Technology is definitelt taking over everything these days and it sounds fine to me.
Robert Wickham Dec 25, 2012
Reminds me of the Nissan juke...
Carl ed Dec 29, 2012
looks like a new honda crv
Jonathan Ippolito Dec 21, 2012
This looks like the bastard child of the Scion XB and a Smart Four-two !
Chris Gaines Dec 21, 2012
why does it have to look so... electric? geez