Comments - BMW's New X5 Sheds More Camo

Published: Dec 20, 2012
Description: BMW is currently at work prepping its next-generation X5, due to arrive sometime later in 2013. Along with some previous images of the high-performance X5 M caught testing on the Nurburgring, our alwa...
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Mohammed Shamma Dec 21, 2012
Yeh theres no doubt quality and performance are pretty cool in the bmws. But lets not forget competitors are doing great jobs too. Germans and british are know for there quality. But now the americans are doing great jobs too. As well as the japanese nissans and infinities. So bmw should start thinking right or they might start losing there costumers interests. Just saying...
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Dec 21, 2012
I bet the headlights will join onto the grilles like the 3 series. Not a big fan of this styling I must admit, though the M sport looks rather nice! I love BMW's and a huge fan having owned over 30 BMW's in the past. They're just perfect!
Atanas Spasov Dec 20, 2012
I'll wait until all the camo comes off to make my decision
Jason Brown Dec 20, 2012
I agree.
Mohammed Shamma Dec 20, 2012
To all BMW lovers when i say bmws are becoming boring i really mean what im saying. I mean look at this its so similar to the last one. Just better lights different hood and so on. For example lets look at the Mercedes ML 2011 and the ML 2013. Its a completely different car. So many changes just like a revolution. Thats what we people want from big manufactures like BMW. Please start applying that...
Description: Exact details about the new model aren't clear just yet, but we expect to see a range of engine options that includes both 6- and 8-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. Sources also indicate the...
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Rabee Accoumeh Jan 09, 2013
V6? U mean straight 6
Will Ridgway Dec 20, 2012
I see the manufacturing plant every time I travel to Charlotte. The front landscape is beautiful! Especially that BMW tower looking thing haha.
Jason Brown Dec 20, 2012
Unfortunately we will get the diesel or the 4 bangers. D@mn local engine displacement taxes! You guys in the USA should worry about similar things in the near future.
Zachary Maurer Dec 20, 2012
@walker, ya! I've been Down to the Greenville area numerous times, a great area
Walker Carroll Dec 20, 2012
Spartanburg! Yay my own backyard. About 5 min away
Joe Punsak Dec 20, 2012
Look like the x3
Tom Ippolito Dec 20, 2012
I agree looks almost like a wagon Ill wait till the camos gone to fully judge but I think from this shot I like the old one better
Jacob Lerklint Dec 20, 2012
It looks weird.. Looks long and low, not high and short like the outgoing model
Tracy Keiser Dron Dec 21, 2012
Are those little scoops in the fenders?
Jacob Lerklint Dec 20, 2012
Me too!
Mohammed Shamma Dec 20, 2012
I see some Q7 in this back end.