Comments - Porsche Returning to Le Mans with 991 GT3 RSR

Published: Dec 02, 2012
Description: With an unprecedented sixteen overall victories at Le Mans, there's little question that Porsche is, without a doubt, the most successful manufacturer in the history of endurance racing. Its (lit...
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Austin Shaw Dec 03, 2012
@Carlos the 458s that raced at Circuit of the Americas the weekend of the F1 race weren't cup cars. They were stock 458s with roll cages and less weight and were owned by the drivers.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 02, 2012
Actually the corvette has been doing very well in lemans
Josh Banning Dec 02, 2012
Corvette? Really?
Drew Humphrey Dec 02, 2012
Yeah the 911 Le Mans cars were always very well-balanced racers.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 02, 2012
I got to see the 997 GT3 cup cars race at Circuit of The Americas. They posted a fastest lap 2 seconds less than the fastest 458 cup cars. I cant wait to see how good the 991 GT3 is.
Chris Huff Dec 02, 2012
Description: The German automaker has announced that it will field two 911 GT3 RSRs at Le Mans next year and in the overall FIA World Endurance Championship as part of a new factory-backed team. Not content to sim...
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Description: Aside from Le Mans and the WEC, competition-spec 911s compete in the Mobil1 Supercup, a series of local championships around the world and just about any sportscar race you're likely to find taki...
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Lou Guerrero Dec 02, 2012
Victor Pitts Dec 02, 2012
Because.... Race car.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
*more like 6 quick rapid pops on deceleration per gear/letting of the gas so like papapapapapa errrrn papapapapapa errrrrn but like literally all six cylinders fire off in like 2/10ths of a second, it's soooo sexy. Inline motors straight piped win!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Vhhhn, vhhhhhhhn, vhhhhhhhhhhhn; POP ern, POP ern, POP ern Love the flat six with straight exhaust.
Pagani Gtr Dec 02, 2012
One word: saucy
Victor Pitts Dec 02, 2012
What are those wheels?!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Will be so fakn beast, sch a great chassis