Comments - Porsche Panamera Sandwiched by V8 Supercar

Published: Dec 02, 2012
Description: Spec out a Porsche Panamera just right and you could be looking at a venerable V8-powered supercar. But down in Australia, the Panamera serves as the medical chase car for the V8 Supercars series. The...
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Description: That's what racing fans Down Under witnessed this weekend at the Homebush circuit during the Sydney Telstra 500. After colliding with another car, Shane Van Gisbergen's Ford Falcon apparentl...
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Cindy Ngo Jan 15, 2013
That didn't end well
Rishi Sawla Dec 10, 2012
The panamera is ugly,deserves to crash
Richard Nichols Dec 03, 2012
I'm not sure that van Ginsbern meant to do that! It will just polish out.
Timothy Hooker Dec 02, 2012
drs don't know how to drive in their expensive cars here either.
Paul Trahan Dec 02, 2012
No Days of Thunder reference? "I WANT YOU TO HIT THE PACE CAR!!"
Brian Johnston Dec 02, 2012
I actually enjoy seeing porsches getting ruined. Imo
Frederick Perez Dec 02, 2012
What the heck was that!
Ryan Winburn Dec 02, 2012
The porsche just took off after that lol it wasn't takin that shit
Ryan Faber Dec 02, 2012
ehh.. I hate when i see nice cars get damaged.. it hurts on the inside..
Nick Sti Dec 02, 2012
What a twat
Lou Guerrero Dec 02, 2012
Rubbing's racing
Julian Carbajal Dec 02, 2012
Lol at the patron sponsor