Comments - Mazda6 Grand-Am Racer to Showcase SkyActive-D

Published: Dec 02, 2012
Description: Between the Miller-cycle engine in the Millennia, the rotary in the RX-7 and the world's smallest V6 that was shoehorned into the MX3 hatch, Mazda has an extensive and proven track record of deve...
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Kevin Blockley Dec 03, 2012
About time , vw has got some competition in the lower Category market . Not everyone can buy the bmw 335d or Benze D.hopefully this will get the other car manufactures onto the diesel bandwagon . Hybrids more for stop and go city driving ,not highway
Victor Pitts Dec 02, 2012
Yay torque!
Tino Domingue Dec 02, 2012
The story of diesel is sad one... But seeing more diesel options popping up in north America makes me have hope.
Pompey Paul Dec 03, 2012
Looks like the Volvo polestar (C30)
Victor Pitts Dec 02, 2012
Because race car.
Drew Humphrey Dec 02, 2012
That looks nice!
Description: We can't tell if you yawned or not at that piece of news, but either way, you may find this next big more exciting. Mazda has announced that it will campaign a racing version of the Mazda6, compl...
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Aaron Gorrell Dec 03, 2012
HP=Torque at 5200 rpm for a diesel. This apparently redlines 5200 rpm.
Devin Babyn Dec 02, 2012
Who cares about HP it's a diesel I want to know the torque
Description: It's scheduyled to debut at the headline Rolex 24 at Daytona, the American endurance racing classic that traditionally kicks off the new racing season in late January or early February of each ye...
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Gurjit Singh Dec 02, 2012
i like it
Mike Bakhsheshi Dec 02, 2012
* "I"
Mike Bakhsheshi Dec 02, 2012
How have they ripped Infiniti? Maybe I'm didn't understand what you mean by ripped?
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Ya, the dealer told me I was abusing the car. I asked "why put speed in the damn name if I can't drive it like my buddy's drive their sti's? Those aren't breaking..." Just a poorly chosen drivetrain. They discontinued them for the huge repairs.
Victor Pitts Dec 02, 2012
Mazda has ripped Infiniti. I like it though, but, as far as drivetrain goes, they obviously haven't improved much of that judging by that comment, since I'm aware the RX-7's have horrid tranny problems.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Guns for Infiniti g37, comes up short but that's a given. I hope they learn about engineering drivetrain components that don't break like twigs. My mazdaspeed 6 always broke diffs and trans bone stock. Had to eventually sell the thing. Sigh