Comments - Fiat Panda Transformed into Monster Truck

Published: Dec 02, 2012
Description: We've seen all sorts of vehicles turned into monster trucks. Usually they're pickups, but these days anything goes. Take for example this Fiat Panda 4x4 spotted in Italy. The latest soft-ro...
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William Downs Dec 02, 2012
Never heard of a motor swap, people do that all the time
Sam Oglesby Dec 02, 2012
Those engines wouldn't even move a car that size
Description: We don't know anything else about it, but we do know we like it and that it's all kinds of awesome. If Jeep is going to base its Compass replacement off of this model, we hope it brings the ...
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Jake Judges Dec 02, 2012
This guy has to have a very small penis lol
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
This steals from my heart the number one spot (tt Gallardo's) as the epitome of constant epic win.
Oleg Odessit Dec 03, 2012
I dnt get the whole front plate cover idea
Alex Arvanitis Dec 03, 2012
Might not, those wheels and tires probably weigh twice as much as the car surprisingly.
Jommel Marcella Dec 02, 2012
That thing will fall down when you turn a corner at 40mph.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
It's hard to tell how far back he is but the dude in the background (blue sweater) is at an angle that kinda portrays the tires as being just a hair taller than he is but at the angle in the picture it's too hard to fully realize the perspective
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
They gotta be like 72", they look to be about 6 ft tall haha
Shelby Cassandra Dec 02, 2012
What size tires are those I wonder. They look quite a bit larger than the 44s on my ranger. Those would take some power to turn, which I know this stock engine does not have.
Daniel Eads Dec 02, 2012
*your dog or anything.
Daniel Eads Dec 02, 2012
Chill out Chris, it not like he killed y
Erik Scherer Dec 02, 2012
Definatly not practical. But fun as hell, I'm sure!
Chris Martinez Dec 02, 2012
Fuck u bobby junior
Bobby Junior Dec 02, 2012
No worries, just James May going to work!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Yes, Eco cars done properly!
rowhan116 Dec 02, 2012
oh wow.