Comments - Ram-Chevy Truck Tug Goes Overboard

Published: Dec 19, 2012
Description: This is what happens when a group of truck lovers who root for competing brands get together in a parking lot for a game of tug-of-war. As you might have expected, the situation quickly gets out of h...
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Shane Carroll Dec 20, 2012
@Justin a brand new truck outperforming 5-7 year old trucks? You don't say
William Downs Dec 20, 2012
Justin how do u figure, rams make 800lbs/ft of torque at 1500rpm... ford does the same at 1600rpm.. powerstroke could not take on boh
Justin Routh Dec 20, 2012
The powerstroke would have taken both. 400hp 800lb/ft ohh yeahh. cumming are amazing though i'd probably actually take it over the ford
Parker Kimber Dec 19, 2012
Now if it would have been a duramax vs. cummins the duramax could have done the same thing to the dodge... But a gasser? He had this comming
Justin Routh Dec 19, 2012
@max haul* and dont be a douche
Shane Carroll Dec 19, 2012
Not to mention property taxes
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
Take a lot of money to maintain though.
Zachary Cresent Dec 19, 2012
Most people that are alive today that own a ranch most likely didn't buy it,it usually has been handed down through generations so they don't need to be rich to own a ranch but a good amount of money if often handed down to.
Jeremy Siebert Dec 19, 2012
Jonathan, this wasn't a magazine shoot out, it was the result of parking lot trash talking between "friends". The Chevy guy paid for his pride with 4 bald tires... He was stupid enough to chain his truck to a diesel, he got what he deserved
Jonathan Ippolito Dec 19, 2012
This is bs . Both trucks should have been Diesel and their should also have been a Ford truck !
Max Dell Dec 19, 2012
Sound like a personal problem not having your own land.
Max Dell Dec 19, 2012
Or a farm at best?? I take it these men don't have much a reason to hall big load consecutively.
Miguel Jimenez Dec 19, 2012
Ranches are freakin' expensive. For a good one over here in Cali it's about 2-5mill.
Aaron Crisp Dec 19, 2012
Do you even have an idea how much a ranch costs? And how hard it is to keep it maintained? Don't be ignorant. I'll shove my size 12 boot up your ass.
Jack Howard Dec 19, 2012
White trash people can't afford ranches.
Devin Babyn Dec 19, 2012
And we hate you to douche
Max Dell Dec 19, 2012
White trash, you would think they would have a ranch to do that crap at.
Description: To make matters worse, the cops apparently showed up after the fact to sort out what had happened. Want to see a bit of truck-loving, Southern redneck cussin' mayhem? We've got your video right here. ...
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Shawn Godshall Feb 23, 2013
Chevy sucks Ram sucks FORD could have taken them both around the block
Craig Lafey Dec 22, 2012
Chevy all the way.
Ryan Faber Dec 20, 2012
dude gets out and says "do it again" like once wasnt enough to make him mad enough to fight.. pussy.
Justen Heald Dec 20, 2012
The guy in that chevy just locked his brakes. He didnt even touch the gas from the looks of it. But that cummins was tuned pretty good from the sounds of it. Even though he didnt have to take it that far, he knew what he was doin
Austin Whitener Dec 20, 2012
Gotta love those 6 cyl desiels
Fawaz Alkraidees Dec 20, 2012
Humiliation lol
No Pistons Dec 20, 2012
Not sure why everyone is freaking out on the dodge. Don't talk shit if your afraid to be put in your place
Taylor J. Blake Dec 20, 2012
You can get so much more power out of an inline engine. That's why all the big rigs use a 6cyl
Jake Trumbull Dec 20, 2012
@william. Yeah. But we do it with two less cylinders.
Bill Estep Jr Dec 20, 2012
Lmao he went over the curb stops I would of threw it in neutral or reverse after he took me for that joyride
Emerson Farr Dec 20, 2012
I'll take a Ford:)
Tyler Tarbox Dec 20, 2012
Rednecks are hilarious
Timothy Hooker Dec 19, 2012
great vid..if u wanna play with the big boys don't cry when u get stepped on.
Stray Kots Dec 19, 2012
This shall be remembered as the "Tater War." (No "tars" were hurt in this here video)
Pablo Herasme Dec 19, 2012
Diesel and that torque
Carl ed Dec 19, 2012
@Shelby never would your truculent pull either of them
David Gomez Dec 19, 2012
This guy was probably was bragging that his Chevy could out pull anything. That's why his ass got pulled around the parking lot. He deserved that.
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
Hovie where u get your facts, current duramax make 765lbs/ft of torque at 1600rpm... Cummins only makes 35 more ft/lbs of torque... that's not alot more, transmission and rear end gearing can make up for that difference... all 3 current generations of the diesels used in Chevy, dodge and ford are all extremely close in stats and performance
Roberto Couto Dec 19, 2012
Drew Humphrey Dec 19, 2012
The lady is so annoying.
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 19, 2012
I'm out you know the diesel class leaders????
Shelby Cassandra Dec 19, 2012
@William. Gladly. Buy me some new 20s and I'd do it.
Dave Sasser Dec 19, 2012
What an asshole first off its a stupid match up not fair no matter what brand u like the dodge owner should get his teeth knocked out then go up against one of the two class leaders of trucks FORD or GM and make the fairest match up diesel vs diesel
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 19, 2012
And that's why he pulled him around the parking lot. He probably wouldn't shut up about how bad his chevy was and now he has nothing but excuses and still wont SHUT UP!!
Zach Gathercole Dec 19, 2012
The chevy was only a 1500 of course the cummins is gonna win
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
I call shennanigans, someone find that dodge and let's test her claim... only way to prove us wrong :)
Amer Tawil Dec 19, 2012
Haha too funny
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
Shelby, no. Come on meow.
Shelby Cassandra Dec 19, 2012
I am actually not kidding. If I were to put 20s on it that Ram would have got destroyed.
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 19, 2012
Fricking awesome!! Talk shit and get served! Cummin all the way. These statements have nothing to do with the fact that I own the same truck
David Gomez Dec 19, 2012
(Sigh) Rednecks
Adam Solomon Dec 19, 2012
@Shelby, I knew you were kidding...
Aaron Crisp Dec 19, 2012
@Shelby Idk about that. Not bashing your truck but even with that blower I don't think it'd have near as much torque.
Justin Routh Dec 19, 2012
Hahaha the chevy guy has got to be embarrased for even thinking he had a chance. Also for running up and not doin a thing about it after. Dont mess with a cummins!!
Jitendra Patel Dec 19, 2012
a ford would wreck the ram any day
Ryan Riley Dec 19, 2012
I find truck owners like this to be ignorant. They are why a majority of people despise lifted trucks. Use it for what it's meant for.
Kyle Jones Dec 19, 2012
Not a duramax.....and the Chevy never let's off the brake or hits the gas...bottom line these guys are idiots
Jimmy Janik Dec 19, 2012
Whats the point of teo trucks pulling each other...dumb rednecks...HILARIOUS though
Shelby Cassandra Dec 19, 2012
My ranger would have beat it. Lol. Not smart on either part there though.
Shane Carroll Dec 19, 2012
@William As a Cummins fan I'd be tempted to disagree but I've ridden in my buddy's '12 Duramax and I have to say that thing will put you in the seat
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
A duramax is more then capable of keeping with a Cummins, just as long as its not a early duramax cause they were crap.. modern ones are just as good as a Cummins diesel
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 19, 2012
also, whoever says a Duramax will out pull a Cummins, you must be high on something strong,
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 19, 2012
I saw this a few days ago. HILARIOUS
Lou Guerrero Dec 19, 2012
Do it again?! Haha seriously bro? Dodge guy gets the DFA this week.
Edgar Jauregui Dec 19, 2012
ahahaha rednecks and their competitions :)
Shane Carroll Dec 19, 2012
Personally I found this funny as hell. Why would the Chevy driver even agree to this in the first place?
Jommel Marcella Dec 19, 2012
Dodge lost because of the driver.
Michael Riley Dec 19, 2012
I would literally beat him within an inch of his life he did that to me or my friends truck.
Ernesto Alvarez Dec 19, 2012
That's right dodge all the way
Debdoub Tin Dec 19, 2012
What a classy lady?!
Tracy Keiser Dron Dec 19, 2012
That is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time!!! Lol!!!!
Davey Edwards Dec 19, 2012
I doubt he expected to win but he probably didn't think the guy was enough of a jackass to try and destroy his transmission
Rommel Powell Dec 19, 2012
That actually made me laugh. If he was dumb enough to think he could win then he got what he deserved.
Nick Alderson Dec 19, 2012
It an honor to know the guy who filmed this in Bloomington indiana
Nick Sti Dec 19, 2012
Lol this tug of war stuff is dumb, but that was so funny!! Hahaha looked like the Chevy was the Rams bitch
Dylan Bruder Dec 19, 2012
Last thought I wonder how much stress this puts on the one way sprag in the trans?
Dylan Bruder Dec 19, 2012
Gas vs diesel=retard I bet he needs new tires too after holding the brakes down the whole time
Christoffer James Wassberg Dec 19, 2012
This was done in billings montana and the owner of the dodge got the sh1t kicked outta him for it
Miguel Jimenez Dec 19, 2012
If the chevy guy had any self respect for himself he would of directly punched him the face.
Aaron Crisp Dec 19, 2012
And oh my gosh that girl is so annoying.
Aaron Crisp Dec 19, 2012
If they were both STOCK diesel trucks it would have been pretty close. But the dumb ass tried in a gasser, and god knows what that guy has done to his Cummins. A simple chip will dramatically boost power.
Austin Marks Dec 19, 2012
If that was a duramax it would have bin the other way
Daniel Carroll Dec 19, 2012
Bitch got served.
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
Because why would you do a pull against a Cummins with that 6.0 gasser? Makes no sense. He should've known he was going to lose.
Luke Walch Dec 19, 2012
They talk funny
Jack Howard Dec 19, 2012
That dodge guy is the dumbass.
Jacob Lerklint Dec 19, 2012
Why is the chevy dude an idiot??
Robert Shurtz Dec 19, 2012
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
That Chevy dude is an idiot.
Seth Pettman Dec 19, 2012
Just saw this last night on Facebook and was busting a gut! Diesel power baby!
Jake Dent Dec 19, 2012
hook a ford power stroke disel to f4-50 to that dodge and it would be a different story!!!
Justin Tucker Dec 19, 2012
I hate trucks so much but that was hilarious! Idk why the people are freaking out
Ryan Sansossio Dec 19, 2012
The chevy never let go of the brakes. His rake lights dontturn off so he never tried to tug soo not really that much of a win. I prefer dodge to chevy but still
Jacob Lerklint Dec 19, 2012
What the hell was he thinking?
Kai Andrew Carlson Dec 19, 2012
Lol, yeah why stop, pull me to the next county.
Jacob Lerklint Dec 19, 2012
What à bunch of idiots
Brad Henson Dec 19, 2012
That's was hilarious, and the guy videoing even said "that cummins is gonna shit on that chevy" hahahah love it
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 19, 2012
@devin agreed. Whoever thought that their gas powered truck would win against a diesel is effing retarded
Devin Babyn Dec 19, 2012
And that right there is why diesels are amazing. Who would even attempt to out pull any diesel with a gas pot
Taylor Garry Dec 19, 2012
Well alrighty then. I like how the chevy guy runs over to him and doesn't do a damn thing
Aaron Crisp Dec 20, 2012
You fellas haven't seen anything until you go to my hometown in central Utah. Everyone drags main every weekend, damn WRX's vs old Cummins and stuff.. Lol
Tyler Tarbox Dec 20, 2012
@Devin. What if I did a burnout in my Lightning? Combination of both sports car and truck. Lol
Davey Edwards Dec 19, 2012
Redneck truck means tires and lift = 5x vehicle cost. These trucks = mall crawlers
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
Haha we have quite a few in Oklahoma too. Shit, I've seen homemade cars on the road here haha.
Shane Carroll Dec 19, 2012
@Taylor exactly. You wanna see a redneck truck, I will show you a 92 Nissan, scratched and beat to hell but sittin on $900 worth of second-hand mud tires
Taylor Little Dec 19, 2012
Those were much too new to be redneck trucks. Y'all need to come down to Alabama and see some real redneck trucks.
Tim Preisinger Dec 19, 2012
Devin... I can't understand it either! And I live about 45 mins from NYC. Not all of us are like that though
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
Lee ever heard of auto correct?
Lee Gardner Dec 19, 2012
Martin please I hate it when people do that it's cummins not cummings
Lou Guerrero Dec 19, 2012
You'd be amazed how easy this is when you have 800lb ft of torque available.
Martin Sanvictores Dec 19, 2012
So owning a dodge Cummings and doing a burnout makes you a redneck with a big ego?
Cory Allen Dec 19, 2012
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 19, 2012
I'm not "city folk" and I was referring to the guy in the video.
Devin Babyn Dec 19, 2012
Do burn out in sports car: he's an idiot Do burnout in truck: he's a retarded redneck I don't understand city folks logic
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 19, 2012
You mean you can't expect much from a redneck with a bigger ego than a brain
Jordan Nutt Dec 19, 2012
Cant expect much more from a Cummins owner.
Rodrigo Ortiz Aug 01, 2013
@Ryan lmao autozone
Ryan Faber Dec 20, 2012
I like the autozone fog lights
Austin Bride Dec 19, 2012
Shelby Cassandra Dec 19, 2012
Look at his face. Lol.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Dec 19, 2012
@jason > @shane I'm also gonna have to disagree and say the tacky blue lights on the bumper
Shane Carroll Dec 19, 2012
@Jason I'm gonna have to disagree and go with the stick-on hood scoops
Dylan Bruder Dec 19, 2012
I liked this body style
Doug Hyneman Dec 19, 2012
He looks so serious/intense