Comments - McLaren 12C Wrapped in London

Published: Dec 19, 2012
Description: British racing fans know McLaren represents them well in F1. But out on the open road, a 12C could be mistaken for any of a number of supercars coming from anywhere in the world. So to give his Mac a ...
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Timothy Hooker Dec 19, 2012
I like it...wonder if it has a British accent
Denys Lukiyanchuk Dec 19, 2012
I think burns is right because I mean look at it I just want to see it warped in actual gold I think that would be cool
Eric Burns Dec 19, 2012
They can tribute to their country without ruining the best car ever
Kyle Kloewer Dec 19, 2012
Nick Schnee Dec 19, 2012
I actually think it's pretty cool...
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Dec 19, 2012
The car wrapped whole as the union jack on the other hand would be nice to look at
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Dec 19, 2012
Re title this to Mclaren wrapped in stupidity. I'm not saying Londoners are stupid (I'm one myself) but the fact that somebody actually spent money to make his car a rolling advertisement for a city is just beyond stupid
Edgar Jauregui Dec 19, 2012
Mohammed you read my mind :)
Mohammed Shamma Dec 19, 2012
Would love to have one wrapped in Manchester United :)
Justin McLeod Dec 19, 2012
Looks kinda stupid
Adam Thomson Dec 19, 2012
Good Job, but i dont buy it.
Christopher Melendez Dec 19, 2012
looks like its wraped in chrome and its reflecting everything.
Ian Voegtlin-Potter Dec 19, 2012
Walker is right, I hope the stuff comes off as easily as it normally does with wrap!
Walker Carroll Dec 19, 2012
I'm glad that's a wrap
Justin McLeod Dec 19, 2012
James E Caldwell Dec 19, 2012
The flag stripes look great. Should have just continued them from the roof in every direction. The images are a little cheesy.
Justin McLeod Dec 19, 2012
Drew Humphrey Dec 19, 2012
Ha I like the back but the front's tacky
Jason Levy Dec 20, 2012
Sexy wheels and brakes