Comments - Leno Drives a Classic Lamborghini (Tractor)

Published: Dec 19, 2012
Description: We typically associate Lamborghini as the maker of some of the world's best supercars. But anyone familiar with the Italian automaker will know that it started life out as a manufacturer of tract...
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Victor Pitts Dec 20, 2012
I made my friend laugh about these tractors a long time ago. I quoted "That's a sick-ass tractor! I would so rep that over a Deere!" I still stand by this.
Wyatt Smith Dec 19, 2012
Lamborghini trattori is still a thing, so lamborghini tractors are still being made, although it's a separate company from the Lamborghini that makes cars, google it, they look epic!
Mark Donnelly Dec 19, 2012
they should race it against the tractor porsche made. that'll b the one tractor race i'd love to watch
Michael Lopez Dec 19, 2012
Watch the video, 12 gears, 1st hear goes up to .3 mph while 12th gear runs about 14 mph
Mohamed Alhasan Dec 19, 2012
I agree with David , it was way before Lamborghini cars were made and beside they are Not that valuable
Thibault Leroy Dec 19, 2012
As fast as any other tractor in the day, just like he said Lambo made tractors before cars
Chris Penza Dec 19, 2012
It's amazing how one Ferrari breaking down can inspire the start of one of the greatest supercar manufactures ever
Jommel Marcella Dec 19, 2012
How fast is it then?
David Parenti Dec 19, 2012
Just because its a Lamborghini doesn't mean it's fast... Lamborghini made tractors before they made cars.
Greg Lewis Dec 19, 2012
Interesting.... Want to see it in a drag race with the "terror tractor"!
Description: Powered by a 5.0-liter air-cooled diesel engine, the Lamborghini R485 tractor is quite something, and like many of the supercars bearing the same brand name, it's rare and a true collector's...
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Dale Schroeder Dec 20, 2012
I'm pretty sure the answer is "as much as it took to do it right". Leno doesn't cut corners when it comes to restoring classics.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Dec 19, 2012
I wonder to mike
Mike Bakhsheshi Dec 19, 2012
Wonder how much it's worth restored and how much he paid for it.
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Dec 19, 2012
People be all like hatin on jokes and shit
Ben Doolittle Dec 19, 2012
And peeps hate on them for considering an SUV.
Miguel Jimenez Dec 19, 2012
It seems like nobody can't take jokes these days.
Mohamed Alhasan Dec 19, 2012
John what you said makes you sound like an idiot
Chris Penza Dec 19, 2012
He has 2 muiras! I am so jealous
Owen Tiernan Dec 19, 2012
You're an idiot
John Hyland Dec 19, 2012
Still better than the Ferraris of that time
Jonathan Romero Dec 22, 2012
If I own one of these I be telling girls, yea I own a Lamborghini, they would be like :D, then as I pull up in there house for a date and see me with a tractor they be like D: LOL..
Mason Langenfeld Dec 20, 2012
i agree with Jared, for you guys that don know, Lamborghini started off making tractors in the WW II era and then started its production of cars
Adam Thomson Dec 20, 2012
Badass wheels LOL
Jared Palmer Dec 19, 2012
@ Carl, maybe your question should have been why would Lamborghini build a car?
Carl ed Dec 19, 2012
why would lamboghini make a tractor! nice paint job any way
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
Damn look at those meaty tires in the back!!!
Justin Tucker Dec 19, 2012
I hear it has the new v12 from the aventador to
Shane Carroll Dec 19, 2012
Double clutch possibly
David Justice Dec 19, 2012
dual clutch? LoL
Bill Estep Jr Dec 20, 2012
Man I would love to pull this thing into a county fair they be like what.