Comments - Infiniti Confirms Hatchback for 2015

Published: Dec 19, 2012
Description: These days a luxury automaker can't get by without a premium hatchback. BMW has the 1 Series, Audi the A3, Mercedes-Benz the new A-Class and Lexus the CT200h, to name a few. Infiniti has long bee...
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Adam Thomson Dec 20, 2012
Looks inspiration from Jaguar XJ
King Rich Dec 20, 2012
This won't go into production..Infiniti well do something else like a G Hatchback
Timothy Hooker Dec 19, 2012
looks like the alien chick on clone wars
Tyler Tarbox Dec 19, 2012
I know it's just a concept, but my God this is ugly
Gazel Hebbert Dec 19, 2012
Jacob Burford Dec 19, 2012
I really don't like any of infinite designs! The only decent looking one is the G37!
Mustafa Alshekhly Dec 19, 2012
It doesn't look like a car to me its just a joke
Zaire Wilkins Dec 19, 2012
chillax not every concept is attractive
Avery Williams Dec 19, 2012
Same here Dylan, Infiniti and Nissan's future design cars are starting to look terrible. I think they should just get some new designers with some insight on how a car is suppose to look. Just look at what happened to Hyundai.
Dylan Bruder Dec 19, 2012
I'm about to give up on Japanese cars they are starting to look horrible!
Tin Nguyen Dec 19, 2012
Infiniti design has been bad lately. The first gen g35 and m35/45 were very attractive until they changed them.
Janak Solanki Dec 19, 2012
Looks like ET to me
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
What the F is going on with that roofline. Not diggin this at all. Infiniti is losing me. Not that they ever had me but their designs are going down the toilet IMO.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 19, 2012
just a concept
Brian Mott Dec 19, 2012
If they make it looking like that and with 300hp, I'll trade in my FX.
Description: A £250 million expansion of the plant will bring in another 1,000 jobs to produce up to 60,000 Infinitis per year for domestic consumption and export, though US arrival has yet to be confirmed. B...
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Zaire Wilkins Dec 19, 2012
thats a powerful FWD hybrid
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
Hybrid model, most likely
Gazel Hebbert Dec 19, 2012
Why the blue in the grill?
Puneet Dass Dec 21, 2012
I'm actually liking the back
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
The tail lights are nice at least
Gazel Hebbert Dec 19, 2012
I think it would look significantly better if it had a larger roofline and wasn't a hatch. Right now it looks terrible
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Dec 19, 2012
Looks ok but could do with a little tweaking, like dropping a piano on it from a large height!! Will help improve its looks!!! Lol
Anthony Calderaro Dec 19, 2012
It just kind of looks like its melting
Jason Levy Dec 19, 2012
Thats the worst thing I have ever seen with wheels. Uglier than a Juke
Jason Levy Dec 19, 2012
I just threw up in my mouth
Drew Humphrey Dec 19, 2012
No. I hate it,
Dylan Bruder Dec 19, 2012
What were they thinking?
Guo-Sheng Huang Dec 19, 2012
Yes, I can also see Mazda. The round butt also reminds me the Porsche 928.
Justin McLeod Dec 19, 2012
Reminds me of a Mazda from the back
Patrick Schalk Dec 19, 2012
That C pillar is some fugly crap
Matt Sutton Dec 19, 2012
A couple little tweaks and they just might have something. Im curious to see what the nissan counter part will be.
Curtis Dougan Dec 19, 2012
I dunno I'm just not feelin it
Lead Peddalin Dec 19, 2012
I can dig it.