Comments - Bentley Shifts Continental GT3 into High Gear

Published: Dec 19, 2012
Description: When Bentley unveiled the Continental GT3 concept at the Paris Motor Show this past fall, no one was quite sure how serious the British automaker was about its racing prospects. Was this just a show c...
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John Atnip Dec 23, 2012
It may not be British, but it's a heritage that should be in auto racing though.
Megan Moody Dec 19, 2012
Too bad it's not truly British any more.
Shnicker Shnow Dec 19, 2012
At last Bentley is back in racing
John Atnip Dec 23, 2012
That thing is pure class. Just awesome.
Aj White Dec 20, 2012
People seem to forget Bentley has had a pretty decorated racing history.
David Justice Dec 19, 2012
Bentley can do whatever they want. They aren't hurting you right?
Pablo Herasme Dec 19, 2012
It looks wierd when you know its a luxuary car
John Hyland Dec 19, 2012
I'm not saying its a bad car. I'm just saying that Bentley should stick to just luxury cars and stay out of racing.
Denys Lukiyanchuk Dec 19, 2012
Wow that looks bad ass and Im not even a Bentley fan
Dylan Gregori Page Dec 19, 2012
@daniel perfect.. Just perfect may would be proud
William Downs Dec 19, 2012
@Dan gotta remember a major chunk of bentlys weight is the interior, sound deadening material and all that other luxury stuff... can't wait to hear/ see this on the track... there doesn't have to be a point, its obvious Bentley wants to return to racing
António Villas-Boas Dec 19, 2012
Whats the point of GT3 and racing Bentleys? If a Bentley buyer wanted a GT3 he would buy a Ferrari... Bentleys are supposed to be fast luxurious GTs and thats just fine
Alex Medvedev Dec 19, 2012
Dan Ruth Dec 19, 2012
Yeah no doubt, you would need to shave 4000lbs to make this competitive.
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 19, 2012
it better have a lot of weight shaved off
Daniel Carroll Dec 19, 2012
@john you muppet
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Dec 19, 2012
I think johns on crack. By boring you may mean lack of stupid stickers all over the place. The kit and stance looks mean. Wouldn't wanna mess with this thing on the track
Thibault Leroy Dec 19, 2012
@John this car in person looks so imposing and awesome!
Tobias Mersinger Dec 19, 2012
You're kidding, right?! This thing looks phenomenal!!
John Hyland Dec 19, 2012
And the award for the most boring race car in the world goes to...
Description: Never heard of M-Sport? Then you're probably not a rally fan. The British outfit has run Ford's rally team for the decade and a half in the World Rally Championship, winning two world titles...
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Saju Sreedharan Dec 19, 2012
Even at this angle I can spot the hook faster than the arrow..
Douglas Orellana Dec 19, 2012
Funny how there is always a little arrow pointing to the tow hook as if it was hidden or something.
John Atnip Dec 23, 2012
Bentley's are cool, no matter what!
Blaise Harned Dec 19, 2012
So amazing!!
Lou Guerrero Dec 19, 2012
Unique front splitter
Pablo Herasme Dec 19, 2012
Like those rear fenders
Alex Medvedev Dec 19, 2012
Very nice