Comments - Russian Truck Driver Overturns, Cows Fall Out

Published: Dec 18, 2012
Description: Something this ridiculously stupid and careless could only come out of one country: Russia (though China would be a close second). Apparently Russian truck drivers, regardless of whether their cargo i...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 20, 2012
He lost control cause he hit an oncoming car
Anthony Perugini Dec 19, 2012
looking at that title was the hardest I laughed all day
Andrew Hubbard Dec 18, 2012
The title lol. I laughed way too hard in seminar.
Description: The cows he was transporting spilled out all over the road. Fortunately they all appeared to be okay, but something like this doesn't happen often. This is why we have the DFA, for people such as...
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Nick Christensen Dec 19, 2012
Jessuuuuusss that was a lot of cows
Amer Tawil Dec 19, 2012
Thats sad but the cows got up right away lol :)
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Dec 19, 2012
.......and that's how we make milkshake kids!! Lol
Zaire Wilkins Dec 19, 2012
lol i like how the cows try to play it off like nothing happened
Bill Estep Jr Dec 19, 2012
How cows get drop off for McDonald's
Bill Estep Jr Dec 19, 2012
This has to be the coolest thing I've ever seen
Daniel Bellafonte Dec 19, 2012
Cows: "Let's walk it off guys, let's walk it off…"
Will Will Dec 19, 2012
The driver of the dashcam car should just grab a cow and go. Free life's supply of beef or milk!
Walter Alexander Thomas Dec 19, 2012
This is so sad.
Aaron Sparks Dec 19, 2012
Love how the writer of the article blames the truck driver when it's clearly the white van that causes this accident.
Rithhin Jawahar Dec 19, 2012
Not the truckers fault... Look carefully there is a DF in a white van cutting him in the last minute...
Jack Dransfield Dec 18, 2012
Devin Babyn Dec 18, 2012
Shit that's just to damn funny
Hunter Wolfe Dec 18, 2012
Antonio Falsetti Dec 18, 2012
Holy cow! Mooooove over! Can't believe nobody said these yet!
James E Caldwell Dec 18, 2012
Not the truck drivers fault the DF is the guy two cars ahead of the camera car. ( looks like a white van) that clearly drifts into the other lane, hitting the truck head on causing it to lose Controle.
Jonny Carter Dec 18, 2012
Seth McCormick Dec 18, 2012
Road rash.... Coming from a downhill longboarder who has taken more than enough bare skinned falls...not fun at all...poor cows...
Adam Solomon Dec 18, 2012
Good thing they were wearing their leathers...
Luis Miguel Lopez Dec 18, 2012
WTF!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!
Ethan Amo Dec 18, 2012
Poor cows...
Zachary Maurer Dec 18, 2012
Cow tipping-Russian style
Jommel Marcella Dec 18, 2012
Wow. Omg.
Roman Podrezov Dec 18, 2012
Feel bad for the cows. The moron behind the wheel was probably drunk, don't feel bad for him.
Carlton Salmon Dec 18, 2012
That truck driver had a lot on his plate. He had to get to the abattoir quickly as the steaks were too high! He shouldn't have had a beef with the other road users though. I found this clip highly a-moo-sing but you've herd that already!
Nick Schnee Dec 18, 2012
I was like... *Pokerface* *Moment cows spill on the road: LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH*
Debdoub Tin Dec 18, 2012
Sorry for the cows
Mark Pasillas Dec 18, 2012
Haha wow
Oleg Odessit Dec 18, 2012
You clearly can see he hit that minivan right before overturning
Zeus Mocha Dec 18, 2012
I can't stop watching this. Cows are like everyone get up, dip set.
Donald Chip Schofield Dec 18, 2012
Wow made my day
Tino Domingue Dec 18, 2012
They way the they all get up n look round n r like wad da fuh... >_< if a cow gets roadrash do u get a good hide of leather? Jk
Aaron Crisp Dec 18, 2012
Honestly I have a bunch of cows and horses and that.. And it kinda pissed me off lol but that was pretty funny.
darrellbell24 Dec 18, 2012
hahahahah.....when they all "moo-ed" at the same I cant......
Nathanael Channels Dec 18, 2012
Cow tipping, Russian style!
Shane Prasad Dec 18, 2012
Awe poor cows
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 18, 2012
No officer... The cows literally were just rolling down the road on a path of bovine destruction... Call it mad cow disease supercharged... I loved the drivers deep breathe just before it happened... Good reaction time to prevent some serious damage.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 18, 2012
I felt sorry for the cows. After I stopped laughing...
Jared Oteri Dec 18, 2012
It's reassuring to see most if not all of them stand up on their own but seriously this guy deserves a bitch slap
Michael J Solimene Dec 18, 2012
Poor cows...
Skyler White Dec 18, 2012
LOL. Am I a bad person for laughing hysterically when it tipped over?
Ferrari Italia Dec 18, 2012
I'm calling PETA!!!!!!!