Comments - Drive Meets the Blu Balz Camaro

Published: Dec 18, 2012
Description: We're all about giving custom cars proper nicknames, but the one given to this restored 1968 Camaro is just too perfect. Built by JCG Restorations of Oxnard, California, and featured on the Drive...
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Jesse Andersen Dec 18, 2012
That's the joke knucklehead. Just cause it gives you a stiffy doesn't mean you can nail it. Duhhhh.
Wyatt Gordon Dec 18, 2012
I hope they know what Blue balls means...
Description: Aside from the power output and bona fide autocross credentials, this pro-touring muscle car showcases some beautiful craftsmanship, evidenced in the billet-aluminum gauge cluster, center console and ...
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Skip Fowler Dec 19, 2012
No iPhone app link...
Seth Pettman Dec 19, 2012
No video displayed on the iphone
Eric Anthony Dec 19, 2012
It was a good 30 seconds, like he said, "we're coming back to it."
Patrick Schalk Dec 18, 2012
This thing is ridiculous.
Oleg Odessit Dec 18, 2012
30 seconds of the actual car
Dylan Bruder Dec 18, 2012
Ls7 makes my favorite noise
drgnslr Dec 21, 2012
Jeyhoon Jahanroshan Dec 19, 2012
wow, those are some big ass tires
David Gomez Dec 19, 2012
I love it.
Taylor Little Dec 19, 2012
I truly believe that keeping cars like this stock is one of the greatest things you can do with it. That being said, as a purpose built machine, I believe that this Camaro was tastefully done. I would be thrilled to drive this.
Victor Pitts Dec 19, 2012
So sexy.
Kleymenov Pavel Dec 19, 2012
What??? What is this crap. It looks ugly.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 19, 2012
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 18, 2012
John Atnip Dec 18, 2012
Yes please!
Vince DeMasi Dec 18, 2012
Tastefully done I love it
Wyatt Gordon Dec 18, 2012
Im all for big contact patches, but those are a bit much to me. The tires on the new Viper are the widest you should go IMO
Seth Pettman Dec 18, 2012
That'd look perfect under the tree for Christmas :-) I'm changing my wish list!
Dillon Dixon Dec 18, 2012
It's definitely Carbon Fiber. There was a shot or two in the video where you could see it. Amazing craftsmanship!
Carlton Salmon Dec 18, 2012
That's one helluva great looking '68 Camaro. Those tyres are unreal! Does anyone know if the bonnet is carbon fibre? It looks like it but wasn't mentioned in the clip.
Greg Lewis Dec 18, 2012
Done right
Miguel Jimenez Dec 18, 2012
Definitely needs a cowl hood with a 427 emblem.
Janak Solanki Dec 18, 2012
Look at those fat meats in the back!
Shelby Cassandra Dec 18, 2012
@Patrick. Agreed.
Dillon Dixon Dec 18, 2012
305s in the front and 345s in the rear?!?! My God!! This thing is beyond awesome!
Brian Johnston Dec 18, 2012
@patrick no. Its a chevy it really needs a big 3-4" cowl hood.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 18, 2012
Those tires!!
Patrick Schalk Dec 18, 2012
Shoulda made the hood flat black like the 1LE! Looks good though
David Justice Dec 18, 2012
Really noce
Shane Carroll Dec 18, 2012
Clean, very nice
Nino Muradi Dec 18, 2012
Damn I love it!
Dave Rain Dec 20, 2012
Puts the "muscle" in muscle car
David Harris Dec 19, 2012
Fucking amazing
Jesse Andersen Dec 18, 2012
Haha @Lou. That's true man. The original looks like the concept compared to this thing, haha.
Lou Guerrero Dec 18, 2012
This is good. I love how simple it is.
Rohil Chauhan Dec 18, 2012
This looks so cool
Lou Guerrero Dec 18, 2012
I'd throw gumballs on it because I'm a dork. Too cool
Theo Hubbard Dec 18, 2012
Wow I'm in love :)
Jared Berry Dec 18, 2012
I all exotic, but wow, great job!
Brian Johnston Dec 18, 2012
Tim Preisinger Dec 18, 2012
Love this!
Derrick McCarthy Dec 18, 2012
Bad news...
Janak Solanki Dec 18, 2012
Nice polish