Comments - BMW Announces 1 Series Lifestyle Edition

Published: Dec 18, 2012
Description: When the doors open next month at Detroit's Cobo Hall for the 2013 North American International Auto Show, BMW won't be caught with its pants down. The Bavarian automaker will be revealing t...
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Patrick Schalk Dec 18, 2012
Lifestyle edition? Comes with condoms!
Aaron Crisp Dec 18, 2012
Guys it's 2 in the AM and I just got done washing clay off my truck at the car wash.. And it's cold. Now all you fellas have a great Tuesday!!
Aaron Crisp Dec 18, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Dec 19, 2012
Agree Tn. Definitely a chick car
Tn Ng Dec 18, 2012
Chick car
Shaniqua Latisha Dec 18, 2012
Does everything look feminine to you drew?
Drew Humphrey Dec 18, 2012
Looks kinda feminine. I'd only drive a coupe.
Jared Oteri Dec 18, 2012
Hey man don't be hatin on my 1ers lol my 2012 isn't dated just yet! But agreed 2er needs to come out soon, I guess test mules for the m235i have been spotted along with the 2 convertible
Jacob Lerklint Dec 18, 2012
This is really outdated.. The 2-series need to come soon, really looking forward to it
Description: Special features distinguishing the Lifestyle edition include optional special Mineral White metallic paint (one of three colors available for the special edition, alongside dark silver and we're...
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John E. Himmelberger Dec 24, 2012
It is so damn fast
Carlton Salmon Dec 18, 2012
Plus they weight a lot more, so the higher purchase price would be harder to justify.
Matthew Crighton Dec 18, 2012
Retractable hard tops take up way too much room. The trunk would have to be twice as long.
Drew Humphrey Dec 18, 2012
Should have a hard folding roof
Tyler Ray DeFord Dec 19, 2012
Why call it the lifestyle edition. That's the lamest idea ever.
Drew Humphrey Dec 18, 2012
I like it. I like seeing the 1-series on the road more than the 5 or 3-series.
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 18, 2012
Um excuse me, do you happen to have any grey pupon?
Chris Gaines Dec 18, 2012
it's a little squashed everywgere
Jonathan Tjandra Dec 18, 2012
Its so ugly from every angle
John E. Himmelberger Dec 24, 2012
The 1series is the best looking of all the bmw's
David Markham Dec 18, 2012
The whole package is pretty dull really.
Jacob Lerklint Dec 18, 2012
Drew Humphrey Dec 18, 2012
Dual exhaust would be cool
John E. Himmelberger Dec 24, 2012
Looks awful, black and brown do not go well together
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Dec 18, 2012
Looks nice !