Comments - BMW Brings M Performance Parts to America

Published: Dec 17, 2012
Description: Head over the Europe and you'll likely see a lot of Audis with S-line packages, Mercedes with AMG Sport kits and BMWs with M parts. But don't be fooled: these aren't full sport models, ...
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Quinn Rogers Dec 17, 2012
That's not stupid they're just extra external parts to make your car look a lot cooler and more aggressive.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 17, 2012
They havn't brought M parts but they have had the BMW Performance parts, wich is tge same thing. i have a bmw performance exhaust, intake, suspension and strut bar in my 3 series.
Dale Schroeder Dec 17, 2012
With third party dress-up kits being all the rage these days, it's surprising the factory parts took this long to come over here.
Tin Nguyen Dec 17, 2012
No! M parts are not the oem m3 parts. M performance rear and front spoilers look more aggressive than stock but not the same as "the m" bumpers.
Matt Piccolo Dec 17, 2012
So now u can buy a 3 series, and make It look like an m3? If I'm reading that properly, that's really stupid!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 17, 2012
The M performance parts aren't meant to make it look like an M3. They're just designed to give it an aggressive stance and a little extra performance. Thats why there's not just M performance aero kits, but also exhaust, intake and suspension.
Stas Allen Dec 17, 2012
So is that just basically a normal three series sedan with parts added on that make it look like an M sedan? Please answer!
Description: The components will be made available initially just for the 3 Series and 5 Series sedans. For the smaller of the two, BMW is offering a front splitter, rear diffuser and spoiler and side sill extensi...
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Serge Pankratov Dec 18, 2012
emblems on their car (M badge on a 325ci/i etc.. AMG badge on a non AMG merc) i debadge all my cars. All i keep is the main logo. The heck with all other stickers. I guess some ppl just like a lot of writing and numbers in their cars..
Serge Pankratov Dec 18, 2012
Lol i think that people who put low pros on their trucks in fact SHOULD be punished Jason. I think its ridiculous, just like people who lift their sedans and put huge wheels on them is really stupid imo i alao hate it when people put a bunch of
Jason Brown Dec 18, 2012
the speed too much. So why should you punish someone for their individual tastes and preferences? You statement is as absurd as saying people who add low profile tires to trucks should be punished. Makes no sense at all.
Jason Brown Dec 18, 2012
Arick, why? I have an S-line A6/C7 I bought it because the S6/C7 came out 7 months later. I love how it looks and the extra finishing touches. I have a wife and child who can enjoy the comfortable ride and the car looks great. Don't care about
Arick Voigt Dec 18, 2012
If someone puts an M, S-Line or AMG badge on a standard model, they should be punished.
Jesse Andersen Dec 17, 2012
Now you can make your turd look fast.
Jason Brown Dec 17, 2012
Interesting that SEMA would say that figure. You can look The aftermarket for automotive market in USA as of 2010 was around 188 Billion and change. There is a huge difference in numbers...
Darryle Moody Dec 17, 2012
The aftermarket is very fragmented. With companies large and small and almost all of the smaller ones are privately owned so there is really no way to gauge the size. One could make a number up. My info is SEMA.
Jason Brown Dec 17, 2012
Darryle, where are you getting this info? I did research a couple years ago in the US market for Penta Motors and the figure we got from the US DOT was almost 190 billion dollars and that was 2 years ago. Just curious where you got your info.
Darryle Moody Dec 17, 2012
I this market, yes. The aftermarket in the US is twenty nine billion dollars a year. BMW knows that, its owners tweak their cars. They merely are offering its own OEM+ M designed parts with a warranty and OEM perfect and quality. Very smart!
David Parenti Dec 17, 2012
So BMW is going to offer aftermarket parts for the 3 and 5 series? This is big news? Most if not all manufacturers offer aftermarket parts for their vehicles...
Serge Pankratov Dec 18, 2012
Love it when calipers barely miss the rim :-]