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Published: Dec 16, 2012
Description: Every year, the best and brightest from various motor racing disciplines come together for the Race of Champions. This year's showdown is taking place this weekend in Thailand, featuring the reig...
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Richard Nichols Dec 18, 2012
Same in f1, Mclaren manage a sub 2.5 second pit stop this year, changed all four wheels and steering wheel on lewis's car. The average driver would not be able to drive the car hard enough to make it work at its optimum either.
Jason Brown Dec 17, 2012
To think an average people can remotely think they can do the same under the same conditions... Forget it, most of us wouldn't last but a few laps if that!
Jason Brown Dec 17, 2012
Amazing and seeing how fast the pit crew work in harmony! The hot weather the drivers must endure on top of the driving suit and engine heat! I can't imagine staying in focus for that many hours at those speeds.
Jason Brown Dec 17, 2012
you bones and by God the southern Belles... Did I mention the hot girls from the dirty dirty? Was a spectacular event food catered and free drinks. One big happy party all day. Just part the experience... Te speeds they drive so close to each other!
Jason Brown Dec 17, 2012
I never liked NASCAR, until I went to my first race curtesy of my brother-in-law and Ganassi Racing at Atlanta Motor speed way. I thought driving around in circles would be boring. But the thundering sounds of the engines is enough to put chills in
Richard Nichols Dec 17, 2012
I have promised myself that I will go and see a NASCAR and Indycar race before I die. I do love the ol skool tech that the NASCAR boys still use to build race cars. Don't really have a big series like that over here.
No Pistons Dec 16, 2012
Grand am, continental, koni challenge, American le mans, all forms under SCCA and NASA etc. We do have more then just Indy or NASCAR racing here in the states
Patrick Schalk Dec 16, 2012
Had formula to watch. Just because its not as popular as football or basketball doesn't mean people still don't enjoy watching it on tv.
Patrick Schalk Dec 16, 2012
What about the rally races, king of the hammers, drag races, motorcycles, arts,etc? Racing is racing. Shoot, there's snowmobiles that race on water here! One is not better than the other. They are just different. It would be boring as hell if we only
Donte Perino Dec 16, 2012
Don't forget Road America, Sebring, VIR, etc.
Richard Nichols Dec 16, 2012
As a Englishman, from Britain, which has some of the best race tracks in Europe, I would like to stick up for my American brothers and simply say the words Laguna and seca!
Ivan Ryzhov Dec 16, 2012
Going in a straight line or an oval one for that matter is not real racing, that's just a comparison of drivers and their teams. And boring as hell to watch.
Patrick Schalk Dec 16, 2012
What do you mean "Real racing"? We have all kinds of racing.
Victor Pitts Dec 16, 2012
God, please let Americans start embracing real racing... After going tithe F1 race in ATX, I thought they would, but I don't think they ever will :/
Colby Church Dec 16, 2012
Forgot NASCAR. Jimmie Johnson and Travis Pastrana usually team up and do very well, they actually won one year.
Prince Huang Dec 16, 2012
I play the race of champions iPhone game
Curtis Clayton Dec 16, 2012
Ill take this one
Description: With such a diverse array of talent vying to compete on equal footing, what were they driving? Every year the organizers try to put together a range of cars to suit all the different backgrounds from ...
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Donte Perino Dec 16, 2012
I'll take this.
Shane Carroll Dec 16, 2012
This is awesome! Gimme
Redge Diakité Dec 16, 2012
No It's the Gallardo Super Trofeo but the height is a little bit higher for the jumps ;)
Nick Sti Dec 16, 2012
Ride height is pretty high, rally car?
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 17, 2012
Id used a subaru Feels off driving a toyota with a subaru motor
Ivan Ryzhov Dec 16, 2012
Great drivers car, but how come no one ever uses the Subaru?
Dave Stewart Dec 16, 2012
Ill take It :) simple fun
Rohil Chauhan Dec 16, 2012
This is a eurocar. Basically the European version of NASCAR I think. Yeah I hate it too. Il take the 86 instead
Ivan Ryzhov Dec 16, 2012
Does team FJ stand for f*cking joke?