Comments - Hubinette Drifts the Challenger

Published: Dec 16, 2012
Description: The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro often dominate the headlines and video clips. While that's certainly not a bad thing, we'd still love to see more of the Dodge Challenger out doing its ...
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Description: Listening to that Hemi V8 and seeing all of that tire smoke and sharp driving is certainly a beautiful sight, especially when it comes to fitting that big hunk of Detroit metal underneath that jacked-...
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Mike Puno Dec 25, 2012
@Rios since '75 right? So by now you would've learned how to take constructive criticism instead of trying to backlash on your keyboard.
Mike Puno Dec 25, 2012
@Rios, son, I'll just laugh all day at you.
Edward Rios Dec 18, 2012
Too bad Dodge can no longer build cars in the US. Canadian Challenger, and an Italian Dart. Or should I call it an Alfa Romeo Julietta?
Edward Rios Dec 18, 2012
@Puno And yes, I am a critic. You see, I've been buying REAL American iron since 1975. Through the good years and bad. I've seen REAL Mopar Challengers, unlike you!!
Edward Rios Dec 18, 2012
Hey jimmy. Look at the sticker on the car. Next time you're actually at a Dodge dealership. It'll tell you where the car and all it components are manufactured. You'll see I'm correct.
Edward Rios Dec 18, 2012
@Puno Aren't you too young?
Mike Puno Dec 17, 2012
@Rios Syntax error of a comment from an irrelevant critic. Aren't you too old to be trolling in Carbuzz?
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 17, 2012
He's using a Mopar 410 for all who say he isn't using a hemi
Jimmy Case Dec 17, 2012
@Edward you CLEARLY have no clue what your talking about. These have Tremec transmissions. Not built in Germany. HahahA
Edward Rios Dec 17, 2012
This article reads,"big hunk of Detroit metal". The engine is built in Mexico, the transmission is built in Germany, and the final assembly point is in Canada. How the hell is this Detroit metal? Only the name is American on this car.
Patrick Schalk Dec 16, 2012
Yeah that's not a Hemi either.
Jon White Dec 16, 2012
Yeah, how much of the actually car did they have to cut..
Matthew Michael Gamez Dec 16, 2012
That's not the sound of a Hemi...
Thomas Lepage Dec 16, 2012
That sound! Oh man give me more! Can never go wrong with American muscle
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 16, 2012
too bad he didn't qualify I'm any of this years FD runs :/
Aj White Dec 16, 2012
Johnny Hoover Dec 16, 2012
Roof scoop not hood scop
Greg Lewis Dec 16, 2012
Adds horsepower.... :)
Drew Humphrey Dec 16, 2012
That wing should come standard lol